Chilled dog Zurure * GREEN * Cucumber

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Chilled dog Zurure * GREEN * Cucumber


Dog's wigs Named "Dog Zura" We are making products that make people and dogs smile. All handmade handmade items. This cold dog Tsuru is A new classic style of summer for dogs who are not good at hot weather! It is a dog Tsuru who shaped the thought like! A cute cucumber is on my head! Fasteners - so that plenty of cold insulation on the inside can be filled with a refrigerant throughout the dog slurs. Furthermore, the inside is a cold insulation sheet, and ingenious measures are taken to make it difficult for the refrigerant to melt. You can spend comfortably even in the summer by including a refrigerant! You can also use it as a neck warmer so that your ears will not get cold in winter It is also recommended for dirt prevention when walking or walking! The cucumber can be removed with a magnet. Remove the cucumber and the main body of the dog is also able to wash, so you can use it anytime cleanly! (Cucumber can not be washed) Impact outstanding, so it will be appreciated as a gift. 【Size】 XS size Face around 20 ~ 25 cm Neck circumference 21 ~ 26 cm Cat, Papi -, Chihuahuasa S size Face around 25 ~ 30 cm Neck circumference 26 ~ 31 ㎝ T-dollar, Pomeranian, M-dachs M size Face around 30 ~ 35 cm Neck circumference 31 ~ 36 cm Season -, Pug, Shiba Inu L size Face around 35 ~ 39 cm Neck circumference 36 ~ 40 cm French bulldog, A cocker - LL size Face around 39 ~ 42 ㎝ Neck circumference 40 ~ 43 cm G Retriever -, Flexible (Large) 【Scale】 Request for consideration XS Shaolin 20 ~ 25 cm Shaolin 21 ~ 26 cm Conformity Yoshihiro, young dog, lecture size S Shuangxiang 25 ~ 30 cm Shaolin 26 - 31 cm Suitable Virtua dog, Hiromi dog, ileal dog measure M Jingling 30 ~ 35 cm Shaolin 31 ~ 36 cm Suitable West dog, Tomoe Goga, Shiba Inu L Shaolin 35 ~ 39 cm Shaolin 36 ~ 40 cm Applicable laws pet dog, Mikuni kagasa daggy size LL Shaolin 39 ~ 42 ㎝ Shaolin 40 ~ 43 cm Conformity golden puppy, juvenile cow dog (large) Measure Down time, reprinted remarks column remarkable you demand demand measure. ☆ XS, S, M, L, LL Production place / Production method Origin / Japan Handmade


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