Morpho butterfly antique pendant

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Pendant with morpho butterfly splashes



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Morpho butterfly antique pendant


・ Part number NA02MP_N (named) ・ Material: Body / brass (K18 matte gold plating) ・ Size (top): Vertical 21mm, Horizontal 30mm, Width 1.5mm ・ Weight: 5g ・ Chain length / 38cm (extendable to 43cm) ※ Model wears 160cm and chain length is 38cm * Products will be delivered in original gift cases that can be used as gifts. ■ Until Morpho butterfly accessories are made ... Morpho butterfly is said to be the most beautiful butterfly in the world and is said to be a living jewel ... Early 19th century, Queen of England fascinated by its beauty, Queen Victoria has made jewelry using morpho butterfly wings to many craftsmen I was making it. Some of them can be seen in modern art museums, but with the technology at that time, it was difficult to maintain eternal shine, and most of them deteriorated. The meeting of the naturama writer and the Morpho butterfly was also a museum. Can this beauty be used as an accessory? The beautiful wing color of the Morpho butterfly is colored by reflecting light on a complex structure, not a pigment. However, in order to make the delicate wings of morpho butterflies an accessory, it is necessary to protect and coat the wings. The result of repeated trial and error was the completion of naturama's morpho butterfly accessories. Proprietary technology creates a gap between the wing and resin so that the resin does not penetrate directly into the wing, and the wing does not deteriorate because it does not touch the air. However, since it is a delicate material, the resin part is not pressed firmly as a precaution, and if the gap layer between the wing and resin is crushed, the light will not be reflected and the color will change to black. The resin material has the disadvantage that it is vulnerable to high temperatures, but if you understand the precautions well, you can enjoy the beautiful blue morpho butterfly for a long time. If the wings are crushed and no longer develop color, rest assured that the naturama morpho butterfly accessories can be replaced with new ones. ■ The Legend of Morpho Butterfly Morpho butterflies inhabit the jungle, but the beautiful wings can only be seen from above. It is a mystery why the morpho butterfly is a conspicuous color towards the sky at risk of bird predation, but contrary to its beauty, the inside is brown and dark inside the dark jungle It is difficult to say that you can be happy. There is a movie based on the true story of a “blue butterfly in heaven” that a Canadian boy sentenced to life expectancy with a brain tumor goes to catching a blue morpho butterfly with his hand as his last hope. He overcomes the difficulties and fulfills his dream. After that, the brain tumor disappeared miraculously. When you look at the beautifully shining blue, you can wonder such a miracle. We want to make people happy. That's why I made naturama morpho butterfly accessories. I would be happy if you could feel this impression. * Insect wings are usually written as spiders, but we use wings for easy understanding.


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