[Stock as long as SALE] plant dyeing linen wrapping cloth Haisakurashoku (dark emergency filtration) 7560 → 5400 yen

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[Stock as long as SALE] plant dyeing linen wrapping cloth Haisakurashoku (dark emergency filtration) 7560 → 5400 yen


Hemp unique, feel that sense of Shari. And say applesauce and crepe, I think of those of cotton, but things really and feels like a pipe dream, there are many fabric Petatto heavy texture. Linen yarn soft of flux, the thread a little sense of Shari, soft, look at the linen fabric woven in moderate density and lightness, wrapping cloth companion journey, we wanted to in the multi-cross the interior. Fabric, enough to be used in such as apparel of shirting, soft choice of linen fabric. Softer, there is little sense of Shari. While I am using, it has become more and more soft. Becoming softer, in the sense of fabric is beam, it will not appear is good quality. Dyed, plant dyeing by Kyoto craftsmen. The good linen thread of the fabric of the quality of enough to be used in apparel, color is firm enters, was Someagari in vivid color in surprisingly. From weaving of linen to plant dyeing, all Japan-made. And weaving craftsman of linen with high technology, luxury dish plant dyeing craftsman to a vivid dyed unbelievably and plants, each of craftsmanship were combined. Feel of the good linen fabric, of plant dyeing color warmth of. Precisely because simple things, I want to take care of its texture. And say furoshiki have various knot has been introduced, but simply or wrap, in the knot of lunch package, I think that may be I am using simple. And a little give you stuff, when you carry, and you'll put the wrapped in a pipe dream in a bag or paper bag, you will notice it really ease of use may be in the everyday. The time of travel and, at the time of the portable, I am glad if you could use a lot. Applesauce and the name has been attached, but it is a big cloth of 90cm angle. Even if you use it to the interior as a cross, even if you use it because it is linen with water around, even if you use it like a scarf, really free ones. Since there are all five colors, please enjoy your favorite color. Material 100% linen (plant dyeing) [Size] 90cm × 90cm (because it is a product dyed, so will result in an error due to some shrinkage, please understand.) [Note on handling] - Since we have a fine sewing processing, the time of your laundry, we recommend that you use either hand-wash mode of the net. - Dryer, use of bleach, please refrain. High temperature setting iron when using, please refer to the patch cloth.


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