To a new life! Set of pass case and thin business card holder Choice of 10 colors Free shipping (made-to-order)

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To a new life! Set of pass case and thin business card holder Choice of 10 colors Free shipping (made-to-order)


New work of 2019 spring ◆ Please fill in the remarks column with your desired color (color of 1 pass case 2 color of thin name). If you wish to wrap (free), please fill in the remarks column. To a new life! It is a set of pass case and thin business card holder. ◆ Pass case There is a pocket on the two sides and one in the center, with a D-can that can be attached a chain or strap. If you align it with the cococh kobo bag or purse, you have a feeling of unity that fits in perfectly! ○ Click here for sales page of Pass Case separately → → ◆ Thin business card holder Depending on the thickness of the business card, approximately 10 sheets can be stored. In the outside pocket, you can put two or three business cards on standby, or you can put in a prepaid card you want to take out immediately, so it's very convenient! ○ The sale page of a single item of thin business card holder is here → → It is very durable because it is a new material with a structure close to genuine leather 革 Please see below for details about domestic vegan leather. It is considered to be made to order. We will ship in 10 days from your order. ◆ Pass case size (approx) ・ Double-sided pocket (internal size) Vertical (shortest part): 7 cm Vertical (longest part): 8 cm Horizontal: 6.5 cm ・ Central pocket (internal size) Vertical (shortest part): 8.3 cm Vertical (longest part): 9.2 cm Side: 6 cm Weight: about 11 g ◆ Thin business card case size (outside size) Vertical: 6.7 cm Width: 10.5 cm Weight: about 13 g It contains 10 pieces of 55mm x 91mm, 180kg thick business cards. ※ It is the number that there is room for taking out business cards. ◆ Material Domestic vegan leather (new material with structure close to real leather) ■ About material ■ What is vegan leather? It is a new material that artificially reproduces the fiber structure of natural leather without using animal origin. Because it is based on a three-dimensionally entangled delicate and light fibers (non-woven fabric), it is durable, light, and has a soft texture, and it gently conforms to the skin. It's okay if you get wet and it's easy to clean. You can safely take it on rainy days. Awareness in Europe is very high, It has received the same treatment as leather. In addition, it is also attracting attention from the point of animal protection.


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