Paulownia Rice Storage 3kg

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Paulownia Rice Storage 3kg


The simple design of this paulownia rice bin makes it a stylish addition to your interior, even when placed in a visible location. You can also check the amount inside through the acrylic part of the lid, so you know when to buy more. You can stack different sizes of Paulownia Rice Storage. If you want to store not only white rice but also other grains, such as brown rice or millet rice, you can stack the right amount of rice pellets on top of the lid for neat storage in the same place. Stacking 1 kg + 3 kg will be the same height as 5 kg. Due to the high moisture control properties of paulownia wood, it is also suitable for the storage of dry goods. ●How to use Put the rice directly into Paulownia Rice Storage. Then, when all the contents are gone, add new rice. (Do not add more rice before the contents are gone.) The included 1-gou Masu can be attached to the back of the lid. It has a built-in magnet to prevent it from being buried in the rice. The groove on the back of the lid is for hooking onto the edge of the body. This allows you to use the lid without placing it on the floor when replacing the rice. ●Material  Body:Paulownia  Lid: Paulownia wood (four-way residual lid) + Acrylic  Handle: Black Cherry  Masu (one cup size): Paulownia ●Size  w215mm × d215mm × h163mm ●How to clean When the container is empty and you want to replace the rice, turn the unit upside down to remove the rice bran before adding new rice.Do not wipe with water, but wipe gently with a dry cloth. In order to prevent the paulownia wood from accumulating too much moisture, dry it in a well-ventilated place for about half a day in the middle of the season, so that the moisture absorbed by the paulownia wood can be released. ●Notes on use This product can be used to store not only rice, but also dried food, bread, coffee, beans, etc. However, if you put something with a strong smell in it, it may transfer to the paulownia wood. If you put powdered food directly into the container, the powder may get stuck in the grain of the wood and interfere with the humidity control, or it may get stuck in the lid and make it difficult to close. It is recommended to keep it in a bag. ※This product is not intended to extend the expiration date. It is a product that utilizes the properties of paulownia to preserve the flavor until the end. Remarks This product is handmade from natural wood. Due to the nature of the wood, there may be differences in the actual color and texture, and there may be dents and scratches. Please purchase with your understanding. ●Paulownia characteristics Paulownia wood has a very small shrinkage rate, so there is little dimensional change. This makes it possible to minimize deviations and cracks in the design of precision processing. Therefore, we can make accurate boxes with no gaps. Paulownia wood is porous, made up of dense, bubbly, independent tissue. It regulates humidity by sucking in moisture in humid weather and expelling it when it dries out, as if it were breathing. It also contains ingredients that inhibit the growth of insects and fungus. Due to the high content of tannin, the preservative component, paulownia is resistant to decay and can be used for a long time. Wood has some resilience, but paulownia is more capable of that. It has the ability to restore even a few scratches and dents. In Japan, paulownia has long been used as a chest of drawers for kimonos and as a gift box. One of the charms of paulownia wood is its beautiful grain, and with careful use, it can be enjoyed over time, just like leather goods. ●What is ”kirihaco”? "Masudakiribako" has been manufacturing paulownia boxes in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, for about 90 years. They are constantly researching the types of paulownia that can be used for the purpose of the box and the way it is assembled. And to make the box beautiful and attractive, we also develop and propose our own processing methods to make the box beautiful and attractive. As part of this process, we have been developing products as part of the "kirihaco project" with the owner of the "fukumonoshop (fukuoka life style shop)". This project is based on the concept of a "paulownia box to incorporate into your life". ●About the trading period This product will be made to order if it is not in stock at the actual store. Please note that during the year-end and New Year's holidays, and around long national holidays, it may take more than a month for delivery due to the busy season of manufacturers. Currently, the production period is lengthening due to changes in world affairs, epidemics of infectious diseases, and natural disasters. Shipping conditions change daily, and in some countries, delivery is no longer possible, or the delivery method and timeframe have been changed. Also, please note that delivery is made according to Japanese holidays, so it may take some time for delivery. Business hours : 10:00-19:00 (Japan time / closed on Mondays)


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This is a simple and gentle Paulownia Rice Storage made by "MasudaKiribakoten", a long-established paulownia wood box manufacturer. Due to the nature of paulownia wood, it is highly effective in mothproofing, so no mothproofing agent is needed. The lid of the box is airtight and does not come off easily even if it is knocked over. You can stack dif


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