Arita porcelain porcelain kintsugi pierced Clip-On / white moonstone

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Arita porcelain porcelain kintsugi pierced Clip-On / white moonstone


Since the metal fittings will be attached after ordering, you can choose your favorite metal fittings. If there is no particular request, we will make it with the default ① Stainless Steel alloy pierced earrings (general pierced earrings). If you wish to change it, please select your favorite metal fittings during the procedure. ------------------------------ Stainless Steel alloy earrings (free, no change) Titanium earrings (free) Screw spring Clip-On (free) Clip type Clip-On (free) Resin non-hole piercing (free) -------------------------------- An accessory that uses Arita ware (Imari ware) porcelain pieces. Pottery that can no longer be used as it is is reused and kintsugi is applied together with natural stone to make it into an accessory. The brand concept is to create new possibilities by reborn as modern accessories that will continue to connect with nature and long-lasting Japanese traditions. Kintsugi is applied to the side of the beautiful colorful porcelain pieces, and the gold shines even when viewed from the side, creating a good quality. Two pieces of porcelain taken from the same porcelain. One is a white flower, the other is a calm plaid porcelain piece, and a white white moonstone is combined. Jewelery made of porcelain pieces and natural stones that do not have the same shape or pattern. It is easy to match with simple clothes, and there are many color variations, which can be a fashion accent. Material: Arita porcelain piece (Imari ware) Size: 17 x 14 mm, 16 x 11 mm Metal fittings: Please choose the one you like Weight: It's a piece of porcelain, but it's much lighter and more comfortable to wear than it looks. It's a one-of-a-kind accessory, so I think it's a perfect gift. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones. * "Kintsugi" is a traditional repair method unique to Japan that spins cracked or chipped pottery using lacquer and gold powder. Since this work is created using the modern version of the simple kintsugi technique, it uses new resin and gold powder (brass powder) that are resistant to rashes, unlike the main lacquer made from the sap of lacquer wood, and is used for reinforcement. UV resin is also used. * We have created it as carefully as possible, but depending on the product, there may be areas where the adhesive or UV resin is sticking out, and where the lacquer is mottled. In some cases, it is left as it is to maintain its strength, and sometimes it is not uniform due to the mixture of lacquer and brass powder. We would appreciate it if you could purchase it after understanding that it is a handmade work. If you are concerned about the details, please refrain from purchasing. * Since it is exhibited at various events and other online shops, it may be sold at the same time and out of stock. In that case, we will make it again with the same parts, but please note that there are individual differences in the color pattern of porcelain pieces and natural stones. ---------------------- Gifts, gifts, pottery piece accessories, Arita porcelain, Hizen, natural stone accessories, one-of-a-kind accessories, gifts, pottery accessories, natural stones, kintsugi, kintsugi accessories, simple kintsugi, modern kintsugi, individual accessories, retro, voluminous , Adult cute, SDGs, SDGs accessories


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By reusing pottery that is no longer used as it is and creating new life, it becomes a modern accessory that makes you feel familiar with the tradition of Hizen from ancient times.


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