Plant dyeing organic linen handkerchief iron navy blue × black edge

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Plant dyeing organic linen handkerchief iron navy blue × black edge


A handkerchief made of 100% rare organic linen in Japan, has been dyed with plant dyeing. In organic raw materials, for yarn and fabrics that are not also strong processing, reacted strongly in natural dyes, and general plant dyeing image was different again, was Someagari to deep dark color. 【Cloth】 In Organic linen (flux), since the spinning process to make the yarn is performed in a very good quality of the apparel line, smooth feel of the fabric. This organic linen yarn Shiga Prefecture Omi upper fabric of the machine the original is as it is taking advantage of the handkerchief the carefully woven fabric in the shuttle loom. Since it is a winding lock finish, because the sewing thread of the edge portion is not possible with natural materials, using a polyester yarn. Because it does not fit natural dyes in the chemical fiber, only winding the locking portion will remain the color without entering is dyed. By dyeing color and patterns, also distinguish yarn edge. Handkerchief made using this fabric here. Organic linen handkerchief (5 colors unbleached land) This handkerchief, we conducted product dyed. 【dyed】 Plant dyeing craftsman of Kyoto, all of the chemical dye and drugs are not used, it has a stained with natural dyes and mordant. This iron dark blue (Te' dark blue) is, Hanadairo (Hanadairo) dye: precipitation indigo In After dyed, piled-dyed dyed in the log wood. Mordant is a tree iron acetate. The mordant, refers to the process to stop the color, let fix the color in the mineral-based material. For this reason, such as color to say that plant dyeing drop is no problem not become nervous up there. Without having to worry about, please use a lot. Organic linen thread, weaving the Japanese machine original craftsman, After making sewing, has been dyed ask the craftsmen of plant dyeing. In addition to the gentle fabric of organic linen, moist and smooth skin, all the dyed natural. Although the plant dyeing, rather than the color of dull, rose dyed in crisp and dark color. Handkerchief, which together is the work of Japanese craftsmen. I think that you can use for a long time. It is also recommended gift. [Size] 45 × 45cm (because it is a product dyed, so will result in an error due to some shrinkage, please understand.) Material Organic 100% linen (plant dyeing) [Sewing finish] winding lock finish About ◯ color There is also other colors. ◯ Handling [Linen cloth] - Dryer, use of bleach, please refrain. High temperature setting iron when using, please refer to the patch cloth. 【dyed】 Since I have a dye perform the mordant (mordant) a step of fixing the fiber, with respect to the fall colors, you can use without having to worry about up there. Anxious one, the first few times, another wash We, we recommend that you look at the state of the fall colors.


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