frame porch Deer leather ink dyed, no M gusset Leather shoulder pouch

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frame porch Deer leather ink dyed, no M gusset Leather shoulder pouch


Six-clothing A work by Atsushi Takamizawa who sets up a workshop in the back alley of Kappabashi, a wholesale store for cooking utensils in Tokyo. In most cases, leather products that are usually purchased from leather wholesalers are made into products, but Takamizawa's production is slightly different. The skins used are purchased from hunters in Japan. Therefore, the skin used is an animal that lives in Japanese forests. It is very rare for a leather product to know when and where it was caught. Recently, people often hear the word "Gibier" in food, but this term refers to the flesh of wild wild birds and beasts obtained by hunting. Because it uses this leather, it is also called Jibie leather. It is the skin of animals that are not commonly used, such as bears and deer. Setting up a workshop in the back alley of Kappabashi, a cooking utensil that sells food, shows Takamizawa's attitude of "giving life" that is important in leather manufacturing. Of course, not only the design and goodness of the product, but also the creators of leather products have such a strong feeling. Leather uses the skin that is a by-product of eating meat. We purchase one piece of leather and use it without using it. At PINT, I bought two deer leathers of this sumi-zome and the bear leather without dyeing this time. By tanning this leather, it becomes a so-called leather material. Of course, both are plant tanning. We asked each to make 2 sizes of leather shoulder pouches. Normally, it is difficult to make products, so I also use parts that I avoid. Avoid parts that are torn or otherwise inconvenient to use, but since they are animal skins, they may have scratches or wrinkles. I also use it entirely. Since individual differences are large, please see the photo. Even if you use it without waste like this, the size of the leather itself is not decided one by one, so there are inevitably small parts when cutting. The small leather is also used by patchwork. Of course, it's difficult to make, but the design is nice, and the stitching itself has a good atmosphere. The main body is made of one piece of leather with no inner cloth, and there are no partitions or pockets inside. The white sewing thread and the look of the stitch are characteristic, giving it a unique appearance. The metal fittings are originally made at a small town factory in downtown Tokyo. It has a vintage-like texture that goes well with leather materials and a sharp shape that is easy to use. The chain is brazed with brass to prevent it from breaking easily. This is also a matte shape with a vintage feel and looks, and has a calm and good atmosphere. Easy-to-use size for men and women. Even if you go out a little or use it with a bag. The main body and chain are not heavy, so I think it's nice to use it diagonally while doing a little work in a shop. Of course, you can attach it to the chain, but you can also hang it around your neck depending on the combination with clothes. The chain can be removed, so it can be used with the main body only. The size of the main body is just enough to fit a smartphone (iphone6s). This M size is also recommended to use like a pouch with the main body alone, and its usage is wide. There are lots of leather products, but I think that this one has the feeling of use and the fun of having a slightly different way of interacting. This time, I made 6 points on the 8 (front) and 9 (back) photographs. At the beginning of 2019, the skin of a deer caught in Wakasa-cho, Tottori prefecture is tanned with tannin and dyed with ink. Deer leather is soft and the surface has a smooth texture. When ordering, please specify the desired animal in a message. (The bottom center is sold out) [Material] ▼ body Wakasa Town, Tottori Prefecture 2019 Deer genuine leather tannin tanning and ink dyeing ▼ Chain (removable) Brass brazing finish ▼ metal fittings Brass 【size】 Body: Vertical 17.6cm x Horizontal 11.7cm x Thickness 1cm * No gusset: Approximately 1 cm in thickness of base and leather * Width of mouthpiece opening: 8cm Chain length: 112 cm including metal fittings 【specification】 No pocket or inner cloth Chain can be removed [Handling] Regarding maintenance, there are no particular notes specific to this leather. It will be similar to general leather products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Deer leather (Wakasa-cho, Tottori Prefecture, 2019) purchased directly from hunters is tanned and sumi-dyed. It can be used with a removable shoulder bag and a 2-way pouch.


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