Pinkoi x Hello Kitty limited collaboration item iPhone case Rose petals Heart pattern case

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Pinkoi x Hello Kitty limited collaboration item iPhone case Rose petals Heart pattern case


From the classic series of the 70's, I chose an illustration with a telephone motif. A playful design that combines a smartphone case with a nostalgic black phone illustration. The petals of the heart are pressed flowers from the petals of small roses. The petals of the hearts were arranged and the pearl decorations were arranged, as if Kitty was having a fun talk with someone. The illustration has a dark blue line and a soft color that matches the petals of the roses. It is a color that you can use regardless of the color of the mobile phone. For the petals of roses, small mini roses are pressed into flowers, and heart-shaped flowers with good shapes are carefully selected and used. There are no flowers of the same size or shape, so there is only one in the world and one for you. Please enjoy with your favorite items because it is a mobile phone that you use every day. The surface of the case has a slightly three-dimensional pearl decoration, but it can be used without problems because it has few irregularities. We also offer designs with different colors and pressed flowers for the illustrations. 【Compatible models】 iPhone13,13pro, 13pro max, 13mini iPhone12,12pro, 12mini, 12pro max iPhone11,11pro,11pro max iPhoneX / XS, XS max, XR iPhone7plus.8plus iPhoneSE (2nd generation), iPhone7, iPhone8 【Case】 Hard type * Case specifications 12,12pro, 12pro max, 12mini is a specification that also covers the side button part. There is no cover on the volume selector switch. There is no cover on the lower charging plug part, speaker part, and part of the upper part, so it is not completely covered. Also, unlike the previous series, the main body has no curve, so some tricks and force are required to attach and detach the case. When removing the case, push out the four corners in order. For models before the 12 series, the button part is not covered. 【material】 Resin Pressed flower (mini rose) 【please note】 ・ Rose petals are carefully selected in good condition, but there are some that originally have patterns on the petals, some that are partially broken, and some that are partially thin and have uneven color. increase. Please understand it as a characteristic of plants. ・ Although we pay close attention to the product, due to the characteristics of the product, small bubbles and dust may enter during processing. It also contains fine petals and pollen of pressed flowers. Please note that it is not a machine production such as printing. ・ The arrangement and appearance of flowers differ depending on the smartphone model. -The case uses a hard type. There is a risk of cracks on the surface if you apply too much force when attaching or detaching, or if you attach or detach repeatedly. Please handle with care.


Pinkoi 独家贩售, 官方 IP 授权商品
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Pinkoi X Hello Kitty limited collaboration item. Limited sale until the end of 2022. A playful design that combines a nostalgic black phone illustration with a smartphone case. Kitty, who is having a fun talk with someone, is represented by the petals of a heart-shaped rose.


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