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  • Calendar 2018

    For that person, I would like to be a supporting minor.

    Thinking that way, I face the picture and draw it.
    Sneakily, what is the thing that will crawl up ...
    What came up was the calendar.

    Everyday pictures of animals and people, visible scenery.
    I wish for a peaceful life.

    design & illustration
    jun sasaki

    **Paper: Araber / w 250 x h 397 mm / 12 sheets**
    Soft texture, natural and elegant paper.
    Although it is a rough paper, there is a high-class feeling, the texture and appearance are also attractive paper.

    **Small pin / 1 piece**

    There is a small pin that holds the calendar. Many can not get caught.
    When a new moon comes, please replace one piece one by one like a record.
    Even the paintings are, but I am pleased if you enjoy the texture of the paper.
    * Please use a pin after opening a hole in the wall with a thumbtack etc. first.

    Jun Sasaki
    JAPAN, TOKYO / handmade
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Calendar 2018

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