【Order Production】 Tote bag made from handle / Brown


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  • Thank you very much for seeing it.

    This is a tote bag made from a handle, stamped one by one with woodcut.
    At the atelier in Bali, we are doing it manually until hand printing, cutting and sewing.

    Hexagonal original pattern using three colors of gold / dark brown / brown shines beautifully when it comes in outside light when walking in the city.
    It is easy to use even when holding hands on hands and shoulder.
    If you use a navy short hand, it will make a different impression 2way tailoring.

    It is a solid cloth that is thick, but it's soft as it does not contain a bottom plate.
    Handles and the bottom of the body are carefully durable with total stitching.

    Material Polyester / rayon
    Middle thickness of cloth
    Seasons spring summer autumn winter
    Size Height 30 cm Width 38 cm Machi 11 cm Handle length 48 cm
    One inner pocket (length 16 cm × width 20 cm)
    Magnet opening and closing

    The color of the medium cloth is mocha beige. The handle, the bottom part, the patch cloth of the magnet opening and closing part uses navy.

    If there are no products already made, we will make orders (about 14 working days).

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    "Maru." Participation Plaster. "

    This is a square bag.
    With the same pattern, round bag and square bag are also available.
    In the same shape, there is also a difference in color and pattern.
    Please have a look if it is okay.

    The first piece of photograph, a black cotton satin dress has also sent.

    In isica-organic, I draw a pattern on cloth by woodprint print.
    First we carve the patterns one by one by hand carving. It is a work that takes a week to a month to carve one plate.

    However, because of manual work, it is possible to freely change the combination of plates and colors, and it is also attractive to let infinite births of various patterns.
    Also, in the process of stamping by hand one by one, subtle blurring and misalignment occur, and there are different charms from uniform industrial products.

    The ink uses environmentally friendly aqueous ink.

    Bags completed from one finished cloth are each one point.
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【Order Production】 Tote bag made from handle / Brown

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