Wooden numbers objects (Moss) 5cm "9" × 1 point

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Wooden numbers objects (Moss) 5cm "9" × 1 point


Wooden numbers objects "9" × 1 point It produced the alphabet (A ~ Z) · number (0 ~ 9) · & · ♥. This work is the height "5cm" in all of the characters. Since the width will vary depending on the size of the character, the time of purchase, please check your size table. Domestic cypress material are made by laser cut, it is a wooden object. ○ ● Moss ● ○ Surface is the fluffy texture of moss. Dye there may be leaking from the cut ※. Please pay attention to when you use because there is a case where, such as clothes become dirty. There is also that there is a sharp part. Please pay attention to handling. Because of natural materials, there is the case that fine debris out. The side of the wooden characters, carbide (black) and there is a unique atmosphere, where also to see if from, is a wonderful alphabet objects. Character and the combination of the name of the favorite words - family, or on the wall, tabletop and entrance space, such as a wedding welcome board seat bill of (table tag), for display, whether you like ♪ Because the size that fits in the palm of your hand, but do not take place, is a strong presence object. For this commodity is very light made with cypress material, if you decorate by self-reliance, so as not to fall in, such as wind and vibration, it is possible well to display and fixed with double-sided tape. Character of the material) wood (cypress) Moss of the country of origin) Finland Character thickness of the body) about 1cm For one one handmade (Moss natural materials), it might be slightly different from the hue photos. Origin / production method Origin: Japan handmade



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