Socks light green ladies for linen knit

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Linen's knitting (knitting) technology, which is unusual worldwide. High linen for both water absorbency and quick d



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Socks light green ladies for linen knit


Linen's knitting (knitting) technology, which is unusual worldwide. Originally, the technology which Kenland Corporation of Yamagata prefecture had been continuing to manufacture knitted goods of collection brands centered on wool, the research completed repeatedly. Although weave of linen is as much as Pint! Treat as before, linen knit is hardly seen. Because of the desire to expand the possibilities of linen more, Pint! Has decided to deploy linen knit products as well. Weaving and knitting, each has goodness, there are suitable products. The knitting, but also from the structure, softness is born. Also, linen is different from cotton, it is characterized by less stretch of yarn. It is also a feature of linen, but if you make it for clothes etc, for example, it will not grow and you will feel a sense of bracing. For that reason, Pint!'s linen-woven products have few stereoscopic items such as clothes and have developed mainly on simple planes such as cloths, handkerchiefs, and stalls. By making the knitted structure, although the material does not change, from the structure, the feeling of bracing becomes less, and you can wear it comfortably. High linen for both water absorbency and quick drying is ideal for socks. Of course it is spring and autumn, but I kept wearing during the winter, but I can continue wearing comfortably. Because it contains air, winter can be worn without problems. Although it becomes an impression of the individual, it is impression that it is not cold, because it is not steamy, although it is refreshing. Also, the part of the mouth of the socks will tightly tighten with rubber, softness will be gained by taking advantage of the knit structure. Unexpectedly few type of socks are not tightened, comfort is very good. Some people who use cold socks also have the voice that it can be worn over if this is done. I think that this socks that can be active all the year, I would like to try it all by all means. I will introduce inner wear and clothes a bit at a time from now, but this is starting from this socks. 【size】 Women F size: 22 ~ 24 cm 【Color】 Light green (there are many other colors) [Material] 90% linen, 9% polyester, 1% polyurethane Because we are using natural materials, the length etc are slightly different depending on the product. Comfort, there is no problem in use. 【Washing】 · After using the washing net, please use a washing machine. Hand washing is also possible, but for manual work it is easier for variations to be exerted depending on the part, it is recommended to wash the washing machine using the washing net. Every time you wash the knitted fabric, softness gradually comes out. [Manufacturing] Kenland Made in Japan


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