Tochigi Leather Nume leather shoulder pouch fave L Marsala

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It is a classical shoulder pouch made with vegetable tannin tanned leather of Japan's boasting leather brand "T


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Tochigi Leather Nume leather shoulder pouch fave L Marsala


* It is a classical shoulder pouch made from vegetable tannin tanned cowhide of Japan's boasting leather brand "Tochigi Leather". Large wallet, mobile phone, 500 mm plastic bottle, notebook etc can be put in size, perfect for a bit out. It is made to hold the lid with a classical fastener. Since we do not use magnets etc., we do not have to worry about troubles such as magnetism even if putting mobile phones etc. Light weight of about 500 grams, light for the heavy feeling of appearance, also recommended for those who are not good at heavy leather goods. □ Material: tanned ivy cow cow leather "Tochigi leather made" We attach a quality tag which is a proof of Tochigi Leather product ※. □ Size: height 160 × maximum width 350 (mouth width 280) × gusset 115 mm / shoulder strap 900 - 1250 mm Adjustable (Please allow some errors) □ Lightness: 500 g (It's surprisingly lightweight with real leather?) □ Color: Marsala (wine series brown) 【A bag of a shape that wraps around with a piece of leather】 "Fave" means "soybeans". To make soft curves like round beans, round shape, we are tailoring using a special manufacturing method. Only one leather part to use for the main body. It cut out boldly and tailored to "wrap around" without sewing out. It is very difficult to tailor this thickness leather with a manufacturing method that does not split the seams on the surface, it takes time and time. However, the organic form created based on its time and effort gives people who use it freshness and comfort not found in existing bags. * Because it cuts out a wide area with one piece, it contains some small scratches and blood traces. We manufacture it while avoiding large scratches, but please understand that some small scratches can not be avoided. It is worrisome if you catch it as "scratch", this is also a proof that this leather was alive. As the only thing, I think that you can enjoy scratches and unevenness is also unique Nume leather. 【Attractiveness of Japan Tobacco Leather "Tochigi Leather"】 It is a solid texture that you can feel the underpower of the material called Nume leather. The surface of Nume leather firmly firmly and thick has been polished, finished in a surface feeling that also has a luxurious feeling while being natural. The taste of leather increases to the extent you use it. [Attention to metal fittings] The retention metal fittings use retro twist fittings. All other metal fittings are made of solid brass material. Brass has long been used as "metal fortune calling" in Europe and the United States, and it was also used as an amulet. Like leather, it is a material that increases the taste to the extent that it gets used up. Bottom river is a very robust making method called "cuttlefish". It is made by shaving out brass material one by one, so its shape is sharp and excellent in durability. "important point" * Handmade • The product of the order "KALEIDOSCOPE" is basically made after receiving the order. * Since we are making handmade one by one, if there is no product stock, we have received your time for delivery from 1 month to 2 months. Please understand. * Because of the characteristics of the material called leather, there are cases where spots and discoloration due to water wetness etc can be made. Please be careful when using it in rainy weather. If it gets wet please wipe gently with a dry cloth. * Shooting faithfully with the texture of the actual item, color adjustment is done as much as possible, but there are cases where color error with the real thing comes out in PC environment etc. please note that. * Genuine leather has some texture difference due to part etc., innate wormholes marks, blood streaks etc. Although the leather is cut as much as possible, such as the lid part, so that there is no scratch as much as possible, please understand the small scratches etc of the torso part as proofs of real leather, one by one. Also, please refrain from purchasing if you are interested. * If you have any questions or questions, please ask by message. * Please understand that we can not accept complaints / returns other than the initial failure on the characteristics of the product. Production area / production method Origin: Japan handmade (Japanese made leather, designed and produced by Japanese craftsmen)


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