Water flow * asymmetry leather earrings: Earrings *

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Water flow * asymmetry leather earrings: Earrings *


Location that drifted along the river that flows from the mountains, nobody like you have never seen, and the beautiful forest, and water It was full of place to the animal. A combination of a vivid blue in the deep, earrings made of asymmetry leather. Length, one is pierced 15cm. The other is 7cm. Stitched hand-cut parts one piece, sewn together to flow, very delicate In, the beautiful finish, leather work is also a point that can not be the same thing as one. Leather is using the sheep of suede. Enjoys also leather unique texture that changes of use on a daily basis Just kicking and I'm happy. Pierce while individual with different left and right length, elegant, have very calm, simple Hiroshi And clothes of accent, party a glamorous, etc. Plus! Your own way styling that unlike people You create. Now of the season, the up hair in a more sexy, in an item that has seen a long neck, a more even yukata In cool, you should be able to show it to calm beautiful style! As soon as I put the earrings, you can remain ish yourself! Genki to get used! You just, to get used to one of the treasures in the world, you will be made with love. As you accustomed to your lucky charm! * Motif material: leather (dark blue × Sea Blue) * Bracket material: (it is hard out relatively allergic reaction material) titanium Anxious one can be changed to gold fields in the + ¥ 400. + ¥ 100 can be changed to the earring in. Earrings will be plated. Size: one side: 15cm One side: 7cm ★ color, made-to-order also will receive, such as size. Contact your at feel free to e-mail Sai. Please tell in advance even more changes to the earrings from pierced. ☆ to last, Thank you stop the eye to the current work. We will strive to create work while looking forward from the bottom of my heart the day arrive at hand of everybody. monami de minami


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