Paulownia book storage 1

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This is a storage series in the shape of a book created through a collaboration project with the Masuda Kirin box store. Convenient for storing small things.



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Paulownia book storage 1


This is a storage series in the shape of a book using the new technique “Makeup Yarrow Lid” developed by Masuda Kirigakuten. Convenient for storing writing instruments and calculators. The book silhouette is particular about detail, and it plays an active role as interior storage around the bookshelf and desk. Please use it to store small items and items that you do not want to stand out when organizing. ・ Makeup Yarrow Lid ※ New technique developed by Masuda Kirigaku Store Convenient for storing writing utensils. The foil stamping that looks like a glimpse is fashionable. Large capacity storage when the lid is removed. It is also useful for storing small items that tend to be scattered on desks such as calculators, notebooks, and pens. ● Material: Made of paulownia (with gold leaf stamping) ● Size: w50mm x d150mm x h210mm ● Care ・ The humidity control of paulownia absorbs and releases moisture. If a strong scent is added, it will absorb the scent as well as moisture, making it easier for the scent to move to the paulownia. -Since this product is not water-resistant, it is not suitable for wetting or cleaning with detergent. For cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth or a small amount of alcohol on the cloth. ● Characteristics of paulownia Paulownia wood has a very small shrinkage rate, so it can be refined with little deviation or cracking in its design, and it has little dimensional change. Because there is little madness in the design, you can make a box without any gaps. Porous, bubble-like independent tissue is densely packed, and when it is humid, it absorbs moisture, and when it dries, it exhales moisture and adjusts the humidity to breathe. In addition, it contains ingredients such as tannin, paulonin, and sesamin, which suppress the generation of insects and mold. Because it contains a lot of antiseptic tannins, paulownia is hard to rot and can be used for a long time. Paulownia is the lightest wood in Japan. Porous, bubble-like independent tissue is densely packed, hardly affected by outside air, and excellent in heat retention and heat insulation. In hot and humid Japan, paulownia has long been used as a chest for putting on kimono and gift boxes. One of the attractions is that the grain is beautiful and you can enjoy the secular change just like leather products when used carefully. ● What is kirihaco? Masuda Tung Hakoten has been manufacturing paulownia boxes for 90 years in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. We are researching every day so that you can select the type of paulownia and how to assemble it according to the purpose of the box. We have developed and proposed original processing methods to make beautiful boxes and attractive boxes. As part of the manufacturing process, the concept of “paulownia box for daily life” was adopted, and product development was carried out with the owner of the Fukuoka lifestyle tool store as the [kirihaco project].


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