Celebration || Tatami edge ||

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When organdy mixes colors through light, it blends into the scenery and blends into fashion. Whether it's a little retro cafe or a restaurant where you want to dress up. The expression changes slightly depending on the location and the user.



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Celebration || Tatami edge ||


Different materials of blooming knitting flower and denim match, The bag which becomes the point of fashion was renewed! ◎ More formal feeling and excitement! -Size feeling like holding a bouquet "Hanayaka" handbag without back or front. Therefore, it has been renewed to a sense of size that increases the gorgeous feeling. It looks like you're holding a flower, and you'll be happy to be with you. -2 way hand strap! [Strap is sold separately! ] An optional hand strap is available. Attached to both sides for a handbag and one side for a hand strap. It is a strap that can be enjoyed in two ways for the lady. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/hsVRyVMs ★ Click here for more casual and more pochette types. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/ZKb2UkTb ◎ Organdy blooming We split the organdy fabric and knitted soft flowers with plenty of air. By tearing, the soft dough is crushed. By weaving the fabric tightly, it creates a soft volume. ◎ What is Tatamiberi ... “Tatami edge” is literally the edge of the tatami mat. Very light and hard to lose shape! Even if there is little contents, it does not come. Please enjoy exquisite luster and coloring. Perfect for formal seats. ◎ A unique color scheme that harmonizes with nature and fashion To commemorate the 6th anniversary of blooming knitting, we created a chic and cute “Celebration”. Just pick it up and you will want to celebrate every day! It is such a light coloring. Of course I would like to use it for a festive seat as well as casual clothes. One point introduction to T-shirts and denim is absolutely cute! If you put on an optional strap and match it with a one-piece dress, you will feel like you're going on a date. It's cute on straws, basket bags, and sandals, and won't fight with pastels or colorful colors! While always matching the colors and finishing the coordination, the delusion of the coordination is done, but the paranoia no longer stops with respect to the celebration! Ease of use. [Color] Blooming knitting flower: gold beige, sand beige, ivory, dark beige Tatami mat: Ivory beige [Size] Height 18 x Width 30 x gusset 4.5 ◎ Accessory-like handbags that become the point of fashion -Perfect for any style When organdy mixes colors through light, it blends into the scenery and blends into fashion. Whether it's a little retro cafe or a restaurant where you want to dress up. Depending on the location and the user, the look will change slightly, making it a perfect handbag for any style. ◎ The bloom knitting handbag looks delicate and is very durable The blooming knitted flower is tightly knitted, so it won't sag or unravel even if crowded. Even if you get wet in bad weather, the fluffy is still. Please go out with confidence! [Free guarantee] Because we want you to use it more and more, we can receive free knitting for blooming knitting bags. We will attach a free warranty card, so please keep it in a safe place. If you need to replace some parts, you may be charged, but please feel free to contact us if you have any problems. ● We accept custom-made items such as colors and sizes. Please feel free to contact us. -Since it is created by tearing the organdy cloth, there is a kebab. There is a possibility that bling may fall off, but as you use it, the fibers will become familiar and difficult to fall off.


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