Kutani-yaki thimble tassel Akae series + red twine ~ making your own tassel with traditional crafts

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~ Do not try to make your own tassel made with Kutaniyaki, a traditional craft representing Japan? You can easily make it simply by combining 100 kinds of Kutani-yaki thimble and 60 colors of twine with a magnet.


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Kutani-yaki thimble tassel Akae series + red twine ~ making your own tassel with traditional crafts


Let's make it easy for you to create your own tassel in the world Kutani Yaki Tassel is a work that is made by combining one hundred kinds of beautiful Kutani Yaki Shimbles with a colorful string of more than 60 colors dyed at a studio in Nishijin, Kyoto. https://youtu.be/kf0PEzC1K6E It is a video of product introduction. Kutani-yaki tassel is composed of 【Kutani-yaki decoration】 and 【Tyoh-suspension yarn】. Please refer to the picture and choose Kutani-yaki headdress to match the red twine! ! Here, you will choose from three Kutani-yaki "Akae Series". 【Kutani Headdress】 This tassel's headdress, Kutani-yaki, is one of three traditional red painting series with Kutani-yaki. [Tassel tufts and hanging threads] The tassel's tuft yarn is a red single-colored, slightly thicker yarn dyed by Kyoto, Nishijin's dyeing workshop, Art FIber Endo. The tufts are soft and feel good, and the high drapability spreads the tufts and has a beautiful appearance. [Connection of each part] A magnet is built into each part of the tassel, and each part can be joined easily. Customers can freely combine the parts of the tassel to easily create their own tassel. After confirmation of each part, it is also possible to deliver by adhesive bonding if desired. [Use scene] For interior decoration, for example, it is suggested to hang and decorate the doorknob, the decoration of the front door, the pillar of the bed, the leg of the chair, etc. Also, I would like to suggest that you attach it to personal items such as chopsticks. Coordinate with the potter's mark Kutani Yaki, a representative craft of Japan, and go out! ! 【size】 Length 24 cm from tassel's hanging string to tuft You can also change the size of the tassel. Please feel free to contact us. 【Production】 Kutani Burdocks (Thimble) production Kutani Tousen Co., Ltd. Tufting production and work planning Art Fiber Endo


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