Swaying moon necklace

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A swaying crescent necklace made of butterfly shells and pearls.


artworks Pez

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Swaying moon necklace


A necklace reflecting the image of a pale moon swaying in the water. Black and white butterfly shells are regarded as crescents, and Akoya pearls are combined. The pearls are also called moon traps. Moon-shaped hand-cut and polished butterfly shells change color depending on the angle of light and individual, in black and white. The change in light is very attractive, from a black impression of a chic impression, also from jet black to iridescent. The silver plate centering the pearls was cut on the back side into a moon shape and designed to be reversible. I think that the silver side will be a sharp impression in the soft impression peculiar to natural materials when you use it in the aspect of the butterfly shellfish. Please let us know your desired color (Black or Yellow) when ordering. The chain length is 42 cm. I use pearls, so I think that it can be used in light party scenes etc. Please send me a message if you wish to change the chain length. Details will be announced later. It is a chic and gentle necklace that is produced with a thick silver plate and shaken like a pendulum by the design of a crescent. Top size Width about 20mm Chain length 42 cm Material Amami product Black Butterfly Shell / White Butterfly Shell (Black-lip Oyster Shell / Gold-lip Oyster Shell) / Silver / Akoya Pearl 3mm (Akoya Pearl) [With black butterfly shellfish] Mother shellfish which brings up black pearls. We use shellfish purchased from Amami Oshima. Jet-black light, iridescent light is emitted by the angle of light. I think it is a shellfish that is very chic and compatible with metal. [With white butterfly clam] A mother clam that raises the southern agate. It is the origin of the name of butterfly shellfish that the shape that the butterfly spreads its wings is reminiscent of. We use raw shellfish purchased from Amami Oshima. The nacreous layer is gold yellow, and the color and pattern feel is an attractive shellfish reminiscent of space. [How to care for shellfish products] Shellfish, like pearls, are weak in acidity. It is recommended that it be removed in that case, as it may lose its luster in response to acid detergents, foaming bath agents, vinegars, eliminators, cosmetics and hair sprays. After use, wipe off the sebum and sweat with a soft cloth, and keep in mind the wound and keep it. An easy care method is to wipe it off with a clean silver polish cloth (do not soak shellfish in liquid cleaners). * We produce all the processes manually, one by one, without taking the form of mass production. Therefore there is a difference of some size in the same design. Shellfish and pearls are natural materials, so the color differs depending on the individual. I work with materials that I think are most beautiful at that time. * It becomes other store side sale product. We are careful about product management, but please understand if you are out of stock depending on the timing. * The color of the actual product may differ depending on the environment of your computer.


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