Rutile Quartz ◇ K24 (Pure Gold) Pendant Top

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Rutile Quartz ◇ K24 (Pure Gold) Pendant Top


A mysterious and fascinating gem: rutile quartz, a needle-shaped mineral called "rutile" shimmering in gold, confined within a crystal in the natural environment. In China and other countries, it is loved as a jewel that invites “luck”. It is a pendant top with the same heart as the rutile and the pure gold (K24 gold) pendant. A beautifully attractive combination of crystal crispness, golden rutile, and true gold “24 gold”. 全 て I made everything in pure gold instead of plating, but I used silver only on the "raised bottom" where the stones were placed in the stone floor. The round can attached to the pendant top is also made in K24 gold. I want to make gold jewelry that even people with metal allergies can enjoy with confidence Pure gold jewelry born from such thoughts. Pure gold which is very stable chemically and does not have to worry about discoloration. Positive and strong energy like the sun, its beauty has fascinated people since ancient times. An overwhelming sparkle like the drop of the sun. As a property of pure gold, it is soft. Take care to avoid impact such as hitting hard objects. ※ Welded part (with brazing) uses 12 gold brazing. Although it is a small part, please avoid those who are worried about allergic reactions. size: rutile quartz diameter 8.5mm Chain (optional): with 45cm length adjustment slider * Does not come with a chain. If you would like the K18 chain (with 45cm length adjustment slider), please select from the options. 返 Due to the nature of jewelry, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. ☆ If you would like gift box packaging, letter pack plus, Yamato Takkyubin, Please select one of the Yu-packs (to limit the thickness of the box) ☆ ☆ If you are concerned about accidents during delivery, guaranteed delivery method: Yamato Takkyubin or Please choose Yu-Pack. copy right 2015-- Sae + Sumi Koru all right reserved. All works are protected by copyright law.


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