Dandelion brooch

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A brooch that expresses simple dandelions elegantly with the sparkle of beads. "Happiness" is the flower language of dandelions. It is recommended as a charm for yourself or as a gift for someone who wants to give this word.


Dandelion brooch


Add a simple dandelion to the chest, neck and hat with the sparkle of beads. The contrast between the matte yellow of the flower part where the two wheels are close together and the sparkling green of the stems and leaves is a brooch that is reminiscent of fresh and fresh spring flowers. We will write "happiness", which is the dandelion flower language, on the mount that looks like a specimen label. Matsukahi Anna's brooch work has been well received as a brooch that makes you want to add it to the chest of a brilliant place such as a child's graduation or entrance ceremony, a reunion, or a wedding. In addition, some customers are enjoying the coordination of kimono by passing the pin part through the cord. I would be happy if I could help you to spend more time with your loved ones so that you can have a happier and richer memory. By adjusting the wire and changing the angle and curve of the flower, you can enjoy it with your favorite nuances. * Please note that if the wire is repeatedly bent, the wire may break. We manufacture beads by passing them through a wire. Finished by bundling the formed wires and fixing the wires to the broach metal fittings. [Size] 7cm x 4.5cm [From order to delivery] ・ It will take up to 3 days from confirmation of order to shipment. If you are in a hurry, please contact us first by contacting us. All products are handmade. Thank you for your understanding that there may be some differences from the product photos. [How to use] ・ After installing the pin, lightly arrange the wire. [Material] ·Glass beads ·wire [Handling precautions] ・ Because it is made of wire, it may break if bent and stretched many times. Please handle with care. ・ Beads may get caught. Please note that pulling forcefully may cause damage. * Please note that the color may differ slightly depending on the viewing environment.


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