Seashell key holder (leave the color to you)

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Seashell key holder (leave the color to you)


What you can feel a little fun when you wear it. There are clusters of glittering shells in transparent shells produced by hand one by one. A cool and summery shell shell key holder. Because it is plastic, it is lightweight. ◆ The color, number and combination of resin pearls and beads contained in shells are all different depending on individuals and can not be chosen. There are things other than posted images. Please wait looking forward to delivery. (Although I will make as much as possible according to your desire if you can describe what color system you want to put in the remarks column, it is not absolute.) Please acknowledge ◎) ● Materials Plastic (Plaven), colored pencil, UV resin, resin pearl, cotton pearl, beads, lamé etc. (The number and color differ depending on the individual) ● Size Approximately 40 mm × 40 mm Thickness when closing the shell about 15 mm ◆ This work is basically order making. If there is stock, we will send you there, but if there is no stock at hand we will make an order after receiving your order. ◆ Every single one we carefully make, but for manual work, there are color unevenness, scratches, bubbles, distortion and so on. Thank you for ordering only those who accept it as an artwork of the work as well. ◆ For handmade work, we are making delicate. There is a possibility of damage if applying a strong shock. Please handle with care. * Product condition. Nervous one., For trouble prevention therefore buy. Please refrain. ◆ Depending on the environment of the monitor you are viewing, actual products and colors may look slightly different. ◆ Depending on the nature of the UV resin, it may discolor as time passes by the influence of ultraviolet rays. Since use at a place subject to the influence of ultraviolet rays for a long time causes deterioration Please be careful. ◆ For metal allergies please do not order your pierced earrings etc. ◆ Please contact us in advance for any other unknown points. Production place / Production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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