Dessert ♡ earrings / earrings (Blue)


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  • Like appetizing lovely earrings ♡ as dessert
    Important to the grain of pearl on top of the shine of the transparent shell a sense of transparency.

    A grain of shine Rashiku further women woman, casually pulled out a sense of fashion.

    Pierce bracket, titanium earrings, resin earrings, resin Nonhorupiasu, is to earrings (Nejibane type) is available free change (^ ^) I hope the description of the remarks you have any hope.

    14kgf is to earrings are available at + ¥ 800. Cart here towards the change hope also thank you for your purchase together (*^ _ ^*)

    Please contact us if you have any changes to the other bracket (^ ^)
    ▪ material

    Resin, acrylic pearl, other gold-plated

    Width 1cm, length centimeter

    ■ Depending on your monitor and browser, it may look different color photos.
    ■ I have been carefully produced, but thank you for your understanding that it is handmade.
    ■ If you wish to change the bracket, thank you described to the remarks column when ordering.
    ■ If you allergic to metal-plating does not fit the skin, please refrain as it is of your purchase.
    ■ Other than when there is a point to be worried about, please do not hesitate to ask a question before ordering.
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Dessert ♡ earrings / earrings (Blue)

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