Plant-dyed, light-weight cotton, long stall, rapeseed color, enju dyed

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A cotton long stall hand-dyed with a flower bud of Enju (medicinal plant). I finished dyed in rapeseed color. It is light and soft.



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Plant-dyed, light-weight cotton, long stall, rapeseed color, enju dyed


Hand-dyed with 100% natural vegetable dye, "Enge flower bud". A very soft, thin cotton long stall. Brightened around your face, it became yellow like a rape field. Grass-dyeing can be used regardless of age, as even bright colors are not flashy. Width is about 48 cm, length is about 180 cm (including tufts of about 6 cm at each end). It's 36g so it won't get tired if you wrap it around your neck all day, it's soft and light. As “Enju” is a medicinal plant, it smells good while it is being boiled. Because this stall is a soft weave like gauze, it is rich in water absorption and can be used comfortably in the changing seasons such as spring and autumn. Since the weave is a stripe of about 3 cm, if you pull it to the left or right, some Mimi parts may come off. It is fine as it is, but if it bothers you, just cut it with scissors. Because it is a delicate fabric, stretch it in the vertical direction if you want to shape it. Since the plants are dyed, dyed, and dyed, they are washed and finished many times, so they can be used immediately without washing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with a question button or a trading navigator. At At atk, even in the case of normal shipping, it is packaged and delivered. 最適 Great for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact me in dealings Navi. ※ We sell at other places. In the unlikely event that your purchases overlap, we will contact you and give priority to the earlier purchase. Please acknowledge it. ____________________ Width: about 48 cm Length: about 180 cm (including a tuft of about 6 cm at each end) Material: cotton Dye: Enju ____________________ Production area / production method Japan / handmade 草 Herbaceous dyes, unlike chemical dyes, have the potential of being slightly “decolorized”. It takes a little time for the color to settle, and if it is sweaty or not dirty at first or two times, please wash it with water only. The color gradually settles down. 軽 い Light hand-washing at home is recommended. When washing at home, please wash alone to prevent color transfer. Lightly shake or wash in warm water (0 to 30 degrees) mixed with "Neutral detergent" (Aquan-like detergent such as Akron Emar). Rinse gently twice, drain with a towel, shape and then shade. (2 to 3 minutes on the whole journey). 避 け Please avoid washing machine, drier and bleach. ア イ ロ ン Apply iron at medium temperature and apply. 草 Plant dyes of 100% natural dye will gradually change color even with long exposure to sunlight, citrus juice, sweat, aging and so on. た If you leave it in a bright place for a long time, the folded part may tan. When not using it, store it in a place where light does not enter, such as a box or chest. 場合 For long-term storage, it is safe to store it with "drying agent" or non-scented "repellant". (Notes on purchase) ※ Because of hand-dyed by "natural dye 100%", there may be some color unevenness. Please note. ※ We produce everything by hand. Please understand it as a point that colors and shapes are slightly different for each work. ※ Please confirm the size and material of the work before purchasing. ※ The color may look different in the real on the screen. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before purchasing.


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