5_ Indigo dyeing of microfine linen Bandana (natural indigo · tie dye) limited item

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5_ Indigo dyeing of microfine linen Bandana (natural indigo · tie dye) limited item


I hand-dyed the bandana made with linen carefully one by one with natural indigo. Because it is made of ultrafine yarn linen fabric, it is smooth and crispy touch. Because it is tie dye, one pattern, one piece, subtly different. Therefore, I attached a serial number and took a picture. It is tie dye for 7 sheets only The size is about 53 cm - 54 cm × about 57 cm. Indigo dye is washed several times before dyeing, after dyeing, and so on. Because it is linen, there are some differences in shrinkage ratio, but please acknowledge it for handmade. How to use bandana, like a hat wrapped in hair, folded diagonally, twisted a bit and tied in the back, into a hair band. From the hairline of the forehead, if you tied in a ribbon style slightly above, it will also be a cute atmosphere. Because it is a traditional indigo dye, you can tie in the back of the hair in the yukata shape, substitute for the shuoshu, join the long hair, loosely knitted in three braids ♪ You can enjoy various ways of using it. This time I made it with "linen", so it will become a petit scarf that can be wrapped quickly when ultraviolet rays become matter of concern. A method of winding many times overseas, twisting thinly, like a short necklace, hang a little on the neck and tie it down. It is a clear ribbon necklace style knotting style. Because indigo dye uses only indigo, it becomes a safe accessory for those who are allergic to metal. The natural colors you receive from nature will direct you "crispness of natural life season" casually. If you put a clean "indigo dye bandana" in your bag, in case of something it is also a substitute for a mask. Please enjoy fresh, indigo dye bandana, ultra fine linen, by all means! ******************* Indigo is a medicinal plant containing many phytochemicals (phytochemicals) such as insecticidal effect, bactericidal effect, heat retention / heat dissipation effect, deodorant effect, UV cut effect, antiallergic effect, etc. It has long been used all over the world I came. Other sites also sell. In the unlikely event that purchases overlap, we will decide at the time we purchased. Thank you for your consideration. _______________________ Material: linen (hemp) 100% Dye: Indian indigo Size: about 53 ~ 54 cm × 57 cm _______________________ Production area / production method Japan / hand made


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