Thai vegetable dyeing & hand-woven one-piece dress / indigo / line / kids / cotton

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It is a one-piece dress for children dyed with vegetable dyes and hand-woven. It has a soft and comfortable texture. There is also a female size, so parents and children can wear it in a matching fashion (matching outfits). Karen women living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, dyed and woven.


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Thai vegetable dyeing & hand-woven one-piece dress / indigo / line / kids / cotton


A children's dress with a brown line. Karen women living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, dyed plants and weaved. The more you use it, the softer the texture becomes and you can use it comfortably. It's cute even if you wear it in layers with a tank top and long sleeves. There is also a female size, so parents and children can make matching outfits (matching outfits). A one-piece dress filled with the charm of handicrafts is a perfect gift. <Size (approx.)> Width 43 cm, length 70.5 cm, collar circumference 53 cm, cuff width 13 cm * Model: 3 years old (height 98 cm, weight 13.5 kg) <Material> Cotton (dyed with vegetable dyes, hand-woven) * Chemical fibers are used for the sewing machine. "Chiku Chiku Tong Tong" is working to inherit the traditional culture of the Karen people. It takes more than a few weeks from dyeing threads to finishing sewing etc. to make one item. Please use it for a long time while enjoying the color of vegetable dyes that changes over time and the unique texture of hand-woven. ・ Kids size Indigo Pink ・ Female size Indigo Pink * Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * The color of the product image may differ from the actual product depending on your PC environment. ======================================= [Before purchasing, please be sure to check the following] ・ About shipping. After payment is confirmed, we will usually ship within 3 days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Thailand. We will ship by airmail from the post office in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. We will arrive in Asian countries in 1-2 weeks. (Please note that there may be a delay due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.) We will ship by the method of "with tracking number, no compensation". Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage after shipping. If you would like a shipping method with compensation, please contact us before purchasing. In order to reduce garbage, we will ship in simple packaging. There is no delivery note attached (if you wish, we will send you the data, so please let us know). If the item is returned to Thailand after the storage period has expired due to absence at the time of delivery, the customer will be responsible for the re-shipping fee. If the item is returned due to an incorrect address, the customer will be responsible for the re-shipping fee. If tax is levied when you receive the item, you will be responsible for it. * About the product. We handcraft our products using natural materials. Therefore, the texture, seams, colors, patterns, etc. are not uniform unlike the ready-made products. In addition, Karen dyeing, weaving, embroidery, and sewing are traditional techniques that have been handed down as family handicrafts that take root in everyday life. It is different from professional technique. We try to work accurately, but unlike off-the-shelf and professional products, there are some imperfections. We hope that you will understand the taste of handicrafts that are passed down from mother to child before purchasing. * About payment. Please pay within 3 business days after placing your order (including the date of your order). Please note that your order will be automatically canceled if payment or contact cannot be confirmed within 3 business days. * Cancellation / Return / Exchange. No cancellations, returns or exchanges will be accepted after payment. If there are any defects that occur before shipping, we will respond individually, so please contact us within 3 days after the item arrives. [Care for plant-dyed products and hand-woven products] Plant-dyed products are less resistant to washing and sunlight than chemical dyes, and their color changes as they are used. Please note the following points when cleaning and using the product. Color transfer or discoloration may occur due to rubbing or wetting. Be careful of color transfer when wearing or using light-colored clothing or bags. If you use dark clothes and bags together, even if there is color transfer, it will not be noticeable. Especially dark colors are easy to fade, so we recommend that you wash them once before wearing. Also, when washing, we recommend hand-washing separately from other clothes. If you use a washing machine, use a neutral detergent, put it in the net, separate it from other clothes, and wash it in a gentle stream. Avoid using a dryer and dry in the shade. ・ About gluing. In the case of cloth products, threads glued with rice may be used, but once washed, the glue will come off. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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