Moonstone Silver Ring

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Moonstone Silver Ring


Simple ring of moonstone, such as harboring the light of milky white like the moon. Moonstone has peaceful power to sink a variety of conflict each and collision in wave similar to moonlight. Soft and gentle glow us with the mysterious and friendly feeling as of the month. Calm Zawatsuki of feelings, is a moonstone that me gently led the mind. Moonstone is lucky stone, in power stone has been loved since ancient times as a sacred stone, For us to demonstrate the power when you want to deepen the more loving and loved ones and lovers. To fulfill an encounter with the love of the people you love, a happy marriage, it is said that will lead to the home peacefully. Particularly famous as the stone that will support the women, is said to give eternal youth, it will pull out the feminine charm. Easy to people who become emotionally unstable, you can reduce the emotional ups and downs by wearing a moonstone. And Moonstone is a Power Stone also recommended for people who can not have strong own will. Always some people will tend to shed the opinions of others have been said to be allowed to have strongly my intention. Increase the inspiration, Moonstone ... which is said to us to enrich the sensitivity Pull out the power that was hidden in my own, really ... that will lead to the road in order to his advances Please feel a friendly wave as the moon. size: [Ring size of] About No. 9 (a ring with a diameter of about 15.7mm) About No. 10 (ring with a diameter of about 16mm) About No. 15 (ring with a diameter of about 17.7mm) Ring having a width of about 0.2cm [Moonstone] Size length of about 0.9cm, a width of about about 0.7cm Silver table height of about 0.4cm When packing weight: 100g [Notes at the time of the purchase] Stone you are using will be delivered in pristine condition is also natural because crack inclusions like. Please understand that, but there is also that there is such as some of the cracks in terms of here. Please note that some things change a little impression and the real thing by the reflection of light or the like. In addition, the performance of the monitor that is to the customer's use, There are times when the color of the image may look slightly different from the real thing. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a question. [With respect to ring the size of the] Since the size of the ring is not a universal, Please buy from to check the diameter of your existing ring always. Origin / production method Origin Bali handmade


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