Snowy brown, merino wool, 100% wool mohair, fluffy snood

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A very fluffy snood made by hand-knitting a number of fine, soft wool and mohair.



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Snowy brown, merino wool, 100% wool mohair, fluffy snood


We use rare mohair containing high-quality merino wool, baby alpaca, super kid, etc., centering on branded yarn made in Japan. A little luxurious and popular "Fluffy ♪ Snood" series that is hand-knitted by selecting materials and colors regardless of thickness. This time, we mainly knit 100% merino wool beige yarn with a little wave, 100% wool mohair using super kid and merino wool, and Japanese brand yarn with alpaca. The width is about 16 cm, and the entire circumference is about 160 cm. It stretches vertically and horizontally, so if you widen it, the length will be slightly shorter. With the earth color brown as the point, we knit it with the image of a woman walking on a pavement under a snowy sky. The elegant and delicate brown gradation makes it perfect for coordinating the cold season. It is a color that is easy to match with any clothes. Weaving 5 yarns, including 4 types of textures and different colors of yarns, mohair, and white fringes, centering on roving wool and yarns that are twisted from light brown to dark colors, adds a soft feeling to the snow. I will. Fluffy like cotton, soft and gentle to the skin. Although it is very light, it is a high-quality snood that is perfect for cold winters, as it warms your mind and body just by wearing it. I use a lot of mohair, but I don't feel any tingling because it is a high-quality brand mohair with thin hair such as Super Kid Mohair. It became a happy color "fluffy ♪ snood". * We use rare and high-quality mohair with thin hair. Hair may fall on a black sweater or coat. If you are interested, you can remove it immediately by matching it with light-colored clothes or wiping it with a portable clothes brush. If you are not good at wool and mohair, please refer to the stalls such as silk. We carefully select high-quality materials that are rarely seen in commercially available snoods, and create a feminine piece that is not only practical for heat retention, but also has a nice texture and beautiful colors. _____________________________________________ Material: 100% Wool (Made in Japan), Super Kid Mohair 20%, Kid Mohair 36%, Merino Wool Mohair 44%, 100% Wool Mohair, Acrylic 49%, Alpaca Baby 38%, Wool 9%, Nylon 6%, Cotton 52%・ 36% acrylic ・ 12% polyester, Size: Width approx. 16 cm All circumference approx. 160 cm ______________________________________________ Origin / Production method Origin: Japan Handmade ◇ We also sell it on other sites. In the unlikely event that there are multiple purchases, the one with the earliest purchase time will be given priority. Thank you for your understanding.


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