Best quality pearls AKOYA pearl Y letter necklace size adjustable June birthstone

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The highest quality pearls AKOYA pearl Y shape necklace For slide ball use, you can adjust the size



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Best quality pearls AKOYA pearl Y letter necklace size adjustable June birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 250 yen can be wrapped ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Movies Uploading videos etc. akoya pearl necklace July birthstone 14K cash stone gemstone 鏈鏈 clavicle 鏈 cervical January crown stone ❄ Pearl is a precious and very beautiful pearl with a particularly good quality, very low appearance among the pearls produced (domesticated) in Japan (by Akoyagai). · Material -14k goldfield (Slide Ball only gold-plated) -K14GF (Slide ball plated) - Asoi AKOYA pearl (akoya pearl): about 6 - 7 mm, round, terrier good, scratchy feeling: less ❄ RALULU.SHU is offering all the pearls of the flower pearls have been appraised です Because the expert opinion is not attached for each product, please understand. Supplementary Proposal Sent by Substitution, Required Demand Talk Request Outer Expansion 3000 Days · Size - Lenght: about 46 cm * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ It is a birthstone of June. Stone words such as "health, wealth, longevity, purity" etc. Fresh water pearl bringing happiness Freshwater pearls are considered to be stones with a strong power to repel disaster. It is said that there is an effect that will prepare the environment so that you can spend happy every day of the person holding it. Pearls are not stones correctly. However, freshwater pearl is exaggerating negative energy, it is said that it will shine charm, and various effects are expected, so we treat it as power stone. Freshwater pearls are known as love jewels because they have a power to exhale evil and attract a mind of opposite sex and are often used at wedding ceremonies and the like. It is said that freshwater pearls have stronger protection from ancient times and protect the owner. You can expect effects such as relieving depression and irritation. Because the power of guardian is the strongest, there is also the power to protect children from accidents and diseases. It has the same effect as a shellfish compassionate pearls and grows in the body, and it is said to be effective as an amulet for pregnant women and easy delivery. For the same reason it is expected to be blessed with children's treasures. Increasing femininity, effective freshwater pearls for beauty and health It is said that freshwater pearls have an effect of raising the motherhood of women when wearing them, beauty and femininity, and it is said that Cleopatra was wearing as a beauty amulet in the past. When wearing a freshwater pearl, a good side of a woman is drawn out, there is an effect to cooperate, and the appearance is also feminine beauty along with the inner side. From ancient times it has been believed that this stone has the power to preserve youth and health. ************ · Gold plating: The gold layer is more easily peeled than K14GF. (It is quite weak to alkaline cosmetics, detergents, etc., please be sure to remove hand wash and bath etc) · K14GF (14 gold gold filed): Unlike thin gold plating of the gold layer, it is a gold layer of 1/20 weight of the base metal crimped with heat ************


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