Genuine Leather Coffee Sleeve Hand Cover Leather Sleeve Hand Sewn Nume Leather Natural Natural [Made to Order]

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Genuine Leather Coffee Sleeve Hand Cover Leather Sleeve Hand Sewn Nume Leather Natural Natural [Made to Order]


[About delivery] Available upon order production. Delivery time about 3-7 days [About products] Using high-quality leather, potato I finished it pretty. Thick leather has a firm hold Produce a soft curve with a large eyelet. Increased attention with leather sleeves, not paper sleeves! ? The size is Starbucks coffee Perfect for tall size and short size. Grande size Benty size is not supported. Please note that the angle of the paper cup varies from company to company. * The size of the eyelet hole is 12mm (Please note that adult fingers do not enter) * You can enjoy the arrangement with your favorite leather color and stitch color. Leather color natural chocolate black Stitch color 1.White 2.Black 3.Chocolate 4. Caramel 5. Cafe au lait 6. Mustard 7. Apricot 8.Cherry 9.Peach 10.Green 11. Turquoise 12.Purple For details, please see the color sample in the gallery. ※ Size 13cm × 7cm φ7.5㎝ ※ Material Cowhide (tannin tanned leather) Polyester yarn Brass (eyelet) 【please note】 Available upon order production. Please see the profile for the current delivery date. Please contact us if you are out of stock. ●●●●●● Please read carefully ●●●●●● ◎ Please understand the following points in advance ◎ ★ Although manufactured with great care, scratches and threads may remain during operation. ★ Although leather has been selected as an excellent part, it is natural leather, so there are various possibilities for various expressions as evidence that the animal was alive, such as scratches, wrinkles, traces of blood vessels, traces of pores, and scratches. There is. Please note that you cannot select the part. ★ Nume leather has thickness, hardness and stiffness, so it takes time to get used to familiarity. ★ Please refrain from returning due to customer's convenience due to the characteristics of the product. (Please contact us if there is a defect in the work) ★ Although we aim to publish in colors as close as possible to the real thing With the color on PC and smartphone and the actual color It may look different. ★ Since it is cut out one by one and shaped with a blade like a sculpture, it will be shaped differently. ★ Products will vary depending on the aging, nature and usage of leather. Please consider purchasing after understanding the nature of the natural material. ★ Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.


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