"Genuine leather" Angola velor and extra-thick oil velor switching tote bag [Charcoal gray]

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"Genuine leather" Angola velor and extra-thick oil velor switching tote bag [Charcoal gray]


Angola velor (cattle floor leather) and gorgeous oil nuts were used to switch a lot of gore tons tote bag. The bottom part is 13.5 cm × 20 cm and takes plenty of gore content, it also comes with removable bell porone ♪ Angola velor (cattle floor leather) is a thin, long, soft hair is impressive leather material. Delicate hair feet give out warmth. From long and soft hair feet to angora rabbits, It is called Angola Velor. I think Angola velor is a leather material that I do not see much in general. There is a disadvantage that the hair is adhering to clothes, especially for new products. In general apparel etc, since we have strict quality standards, we will not use it first because we are concerned about complaints. However, in CHO - Leather, this demerit is the identity of this material, Moreover, I thought that there was a value (disadvantage) more than a disadvantage and chose this material. First of all, it is a bag that I will not incur with other people! Leather of possession possesses extremely thick cowhide shrink oil leather of about 3.5 mm, Moreover, it is a multi-fat nume which contains plenty of oil, Even though there is thickness, it is very soft, and it tastes enough to wear out ^ ^ I'd like to taste the leather material to its fullest, so I use the suede-like floor surface as it is without lining. There is one pocket on the inside. Size: Vertical Approximately 22.5 cm × Width Approximately 34 cm × Bottom Surface Approximately 13.5 cm × Approximately 20 cm Handle Portion Approximately 33 cm Color: Charcoal gray I hope you can use it in various situations. ※ Angora velor may have hair attached to clothing. Generally, as new products adhere, it gradually becomes less by repeated use. If it adheres, please remove with cellophane tape etc. ※ This product uses natural leather. Because leather is a natural material, there are some scratches, wrinkles, color unevenness etc. for each product part The condition of coloring and wrinkles will be somewhat different. Also, please be careful about the following points when handling. - Please avoid bending and twisting the product extremely. It may cause metal fittings to come off or break. · When it gets wet with rain or sweat etc., color may change to other clothing due to friction. If it gets wet please take a bit of moisture to lightly press with a soft cloth, please be sure to shade in the shade. · Discoloration due to wetting or prolonged use.Coloration.Curing.Decomposition can not be avoided. · Skin portion If you want to be cleaned please use a leather cleaner only. When the bracket part becomes dirty, please wipe lightly with a soft cloth. · When storing, please store in a cool, dry place. * Adjustment of light at shooting · Depending on your PC screen environment etc., There is a thing that the image and the actual color are somewhat different.


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