Aquamarine and citrine silver earrings

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Aquamarine and citrine silver earrings


One pearl of aquamarine and orange-colored yellow quartz citrine silver earrings. Kuamarin is famous as a lucky charm. Aqua (water), marine (sea) ... It is a gift of the goddess of the sea. This time I used a pretty cute aquamarine. Although it is small, there is a presence. In the old days I carry this stone as an amulet of the sailors, Even today, it is popular as a talisman of travel. When I am wearing it, I feel as if I am in peace like being in the water, It is said to give a gentle and pure heart. Aquamarine that will always heal you by your side. Transparent and refreshing blue. Even just looking at transparent blue, my mind is healed and it stabilizes my feelings. It is said to bring unity of love, also famous as an amulet of love. Citrine has the power of the sun "lucky stone" Especially recommended for those who want to succeed in business or business power stone. Also, it is said that it is an effective stone for those who want to be persons who can brighten their self-appeal. This stone, which brings wisdom and peace, removes anxiety of the heart and cultivates a sense of balance. It is said that there is the ability to purify older emotions, to lead troubles to solve, and to give motivation to open up new life. It is also a power stone perfect for modern people with stress. Beautiful lemon-colored citrine has a beautiful cut and sparkle presence. size: Aquamarine size Diameter of about 0.6 cm Size of citrine Diameter of about 0.5 cm Silver stand height about 0.3 cm 【Precautions for purchase】 ● We will deliver cracks and inclusions etc as natural because the used stone is natural. Although there may be some cracks etc, please understand this point. ● Because of handmade, there may be some darkening, scratches, etc. Please understand this point. ● Sterling silver (Silver 925) may be discolored. Since it may get wet with summer especially in sweat etc., after wearing Please wipe gently with jewelry cloth etc. Also, when not wearing, such as bags that can come into contact with air that will not touch It is possible to patronize long by keeping it. Please avoid wearing when bathing in a hot spring containing sulfur ingredients. ● When cleaning, please use a silver cloth or cleaning solution. ● Because there are some things that slightly change the impression due to the reflection of light etc. Please note. Also, depending on the performance of the monitor you are using, The color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Production area / production method Bali Handmade Origin


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One pearl of aquamarine and orange-colored yellow quartz citrine silver earrings.


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