Tochigi leather Gamaguchi Nume leather rucksack ruotare M Bitter Brown

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Tochigi leather Gamaguchi Nume leather rucksack ruotare M Bitter Brown


* You can taste the charm of the aging of Tochigi leather, book-back book Nume leather rucksack * It can be put in A4 size documents, books, wallets, smartphones, plastic bottles, etc. It is the best size for everyday use. The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable in 8 steps, you can enjoy changing with your tight attitude depending on your clothes, or relaxing at a lower position. □ Size: Portrait from mouthpiece to bottom 31, mouthpiece width 24, gore width 12, maximum width 36 cm Shoulder straps 55 - 76 cm (8 steps adjustment) □ Material: Fuselage part: Honorough Nume leather, Bottom part: Oil nume leather (I will attach a red product tag which is a proof of Tochigi leather) Hardware: Solid brass □ Color: Bitter Brown □ Weight: Approximately 750 g (It is pretty light as an all-leather backpack) 【What you would like me to know when choosing this leather product】 Even if you say "genuine leather" bitefully, do you know that there is a big difference in its nature and price? Actually, even if it is indicated as "real leather goods", its price is quite varied. Although the difference in price depends on the design and manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for the same real leather to produce a difference of more than 10 times even if it is compared in the place of "material cost of leather". Why so much difference? The reason is described below. There are two manufacturing methods for leather. "Chrome tanning" and "vegetable tannin tanning". At present, leather that is on the market is dominated by leather tanned using "chrome tanning" chemical ingredients. Chrome tanned leather has the advantage that the surface is finished relatively uniformly, flexible, and resistant to heat. Also, because it is finished in large quantities in a short period of time, the cost is also cheap, but on the other hand, it is also a leather that is not easy to achieve "aging" which is the real pleasure of using this leather. Scratches and dirt of aging will remain unchanged as scratched dirt as it is, it will be seen as "deteriorated" in the eyes. In other words [Chrome tanned leather is a material suitable for mass production, I think that it can be said that the most beautiful leather when finished]. Meanwhile, the leather tanned using the astringent of "vegetable tannin tanning" plants is called "leather nume". Nume leather tanning is an ancient process. The finish that keeps the texture of the raw skin, the surface is easily affected by innate scars and blood traces, the softness also varies depending on the part. It costs too high to finish it over a long time, it is hard to say that it is a stable material, but it is leather that can enjoy the "aging change" such as the change of luster due to aging, the increasing color of depth. [Nume leather is an old manufacturing method, it takes time and cost, but it is not perfect when you put it in hand, I think that you can say that leather is growing attachment over time. What you are asking for materials of leather, does not it mean "long lasting material"? "Because you have leather goods at a great price, I'd like you to choose leather that you can taste the change by using it long." From that idea, KALEIDOSCOPE's work is focused on "Nume leather". [At the beginning is a smooth texture of bare skin, polished by friction while you use, gloss is born] You can enjoy changing appearance every day. Leather is easy to stain with water. Please refrain from using rainy weather. * Even though you can make a spot, you think that it is a process of aging, growing into a deep gloss by using it. 【Those who want intact leather products, please refrain from purchasing】 Since natural leather is finished in a state of raising up, there are inherent scars and unevenness in some places, but we dare to cut in scratches and so on. Please acknowledge some small scratches. It is worrisome if you catch it as "scratch", this is also a proof that this leather was alive. I think that it can be enjoyed scratches and unevenness as the only one, handmade, and it is unique to this leather Nume. [Attention to metal fittings] All the metal fittings except the hamaguri are using solid brass material. In Europe and the United States brass is said to be "metal calling for good luck", and it was also used as an amulet. 【Commitment to Production】 * As possible as possible by hand. The work of KALEIDOSCOPE sticks to "making by hand cutting with the leather kitchen knitted by yourself as much as possible" from paper making to cutting of leather.


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It can be put in A4 size documents, books, wallets, smartphones, plastic bottles, etc. It is the best size for everyday


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