Bottle Ink Mat Color Droplet Series

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Fountain pen bottle ink! This bottle ink mat is able to attract more beautiful bottle ink. It is a curve matching bottle ink, so it fascinates me more beautifully.


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Bottle Ink Mat Color Droplet Series


Fountain pen bottle ink! The picture is a bottle ink of PILOT's "Color Drople Series". An elegant design is impressive and it is a very beautiful bottle ink just by looking at it. I think that there are many people who decorate on shelves and desks. It is this bottle ink mat that can attract such a bottle ink more beautifully. It is a curve matching bottle ink, so it fascinates me more beautifully. The part where the stitch part and the mat is placed is stepped and designed to attract the bottle more attractive. The stitch finishes with a hand-sewn expression with a facial expression, and one line on the outside of the stitch, with a line of decoration buried. The cross section of the mat is covered twice with a matte pigment with a shiny eraser, it is beautiful and it is finished to not claim too much. You can choose the color of the mat according to the color of ink, "red" "blue" "dark blue" "black" four. There are various items related to the fountain pen, but I do not see such items much. It is a unique item designed to enhance the beauty of the bottle ink, such as leather thickness and height difference, leather and stitch expression. Let 's make your bottle fascinating your favorite bottle ink and enjoy the fountain pen life richer. Size: (approx) 93 mm long side × 45 mm short side × 5 mm thick Material: Leather ※ The monitor screen and the real thing may look slightly different in color. ※ The price is the price per item.


美国US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
加拿大US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
土耳其US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
意大利US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
尼泊尔US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
立陶宛US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
柬埔寨US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
法国US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
爱尔兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
挪威US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
文莱US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
以色列US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
澳大利亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
新加坡US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
斯洛文尼亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
中国大陆US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
智利US$ 14.16US$ 4.72
比利时US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
泰国US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
德国US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
香港US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
波兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
西班牙US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
乌克兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
荷兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
印度尼西亚US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
台湾US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
丹麦US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
菲律宾US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
芬兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
摩洛哥US$ 14.16US$ 4.72
瑞典US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
越南US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
瑞士US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
新西兰US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
俄罗斯US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
巴西US$ 14.16US$ 4.72
保加利亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
罗马尼亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
葡萄牙US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
爱沙尼亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
印度US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
英国US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
马来西亚US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
拉脱维亚US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
希腊US$ 11.33US$ 4.72
匈牙利US$ 11.33US$ 5.67
南韩US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
澳门US$ 9.44US$ 4.72
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