Cotton linen plant dyeing (Kariyasu) Natural stall

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Cotton linen plant dyeing (Kariyasu) Natural stall


One stall of cotton linen, is a piece carefully hand-dyed to stall. This time, in Kariyasu (Kariyasu), was dyed in a cool lemon color. When put hands down, it is a little sheer thinness. Soft, so smooth and soft, you can use regardless of the season.
Cotton linen has high water absorption, so dries fast, sports, outdoor activities, walks, perfect for such as gardening ♪
While protecting your skin from the cold wind, it will also take sweat.

About 35cm × 160cm, 40g. So thin, folded and smaller, also in the bag, not bulky.
Of course, commuting, theater, such as during meals, and when the air conditioning is a concern, as well as UV protection
It is the best stall.

100% vegetable dye, 100% natural fiber, with a mordant in consideration of the allergy and the environment, was reproduced the Japanese traditional color.

Kariyasu in the grass similar to the pampas grass, comes out also in the "Shosoin document", Japan's traditional colors that have been loved by people from ancient times. Ibukiyama is famous is "Omi Kariyasu", but in order to avoid the ultraviolet rays at the top of the mountain, you will be considered to have clustered in store a lot of dye.

Ancient times of the traditional colors of Japan, was dyed in easy to incorporate material in everyday use. Certainly on this occasion, please try ♪
Material: Cotton, linen (50% cotton, hemp 50% of the blend)
Dye: Kariyasu (Kariyasu)
Mordant: alum
Size: about 35cm × 160cm (except tassel 8cm)
Weight: 40g
Origin / production method
Origin: Japan / handmade, hand-dyed

********** Handling of plant dyeing works

※ work of plant dyeing, unlike the chemical dye, it is very delicate.
※ I put the washing until the color is no longer out, but, somewhat
Since there is a possibility of discoloration, please note.

※ washing and discoloration, because there is a risk of their shape,
I hope in a single hand-washing.
※ bleach or dehydration, also strongly Please avoid it you to look at washing.

※ After washing, press gently, not put put, immediately
And suck lightly moisture in the towel, from shaping,
Please shade.
※ to the patch cloth, and ironing, luster returns.

※ cleaning is also recommended ♪
※ plant dyeing is sunlight, sweat, juice of mandarin orange, repetition of fir wash
Even in such, you may lose color.
※ also change of color, and texture of the plant dye is a natural grace,
I hope you enjoy.


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