Classical body back of Cordura and Natural shrink leather [Khaki]

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Classical body back of Cordura and Natural shrink leather [Khaki]


It is a classical body bag of Cordura and natural shrink leather.

Classical form to make outdoor vintage backpack </s>

Detail, a combination of modern and sophisticated materials is excellent.

Cordura is a durable fiber with 7 times the strength of nylon,

It is a registered trademark of INVISTA AG in USA.

With "durable material" used for high-performance clothing, utensils and workwear

Currently from dressing clothing and tools that need further durability

It is used for various products until reaching everyday wear.

And also on the patch part and pulling part, it is also excellent in durability

I use domestic cowhide natural shrink leather which contains plenty of oil.

While enjoying leather aging, it is a body bag that you can use for a long time.

Small zip pockets on both ends,

The main storage is easy to use with double-opening fasteners.

There is one pocket on the inside, and one Nasca to which keys and others are attached.

The lining is a 100% nylon material, not a cordura.

Size: Vertical about 15 cm × side 50 cm × gusset about 11 cm

Color: Khaki

I think that you can use it in various scenes.

※ This product uses natural leather.
Because leather is a natural material, there are some scratches, wrinkles, color unevenness etc. for each product part
The condition of coloring and wrinkles will be slightly different.
Also, please be careful about the following points when handling.
- Please avoid bending and twisting the product extremely.
It may cause metal fittings to come off or break.
· When it gets wet with rain, sweat, etc., color may transfer to other clothing due to friction.
If it got wet please take a bit of moisture to lightly press with a soft cloth, please be sure to shade in the shade.
· Discoloration due to wetting or prolonged use.Coloration.Curing.Destruction is unavoidable.
· Skin portion Please use cleaner exclusively for leather when you care.
When the bracket part becomes dirty please try to wipe lightly with a soft cloth.
· When storing, please store in a cool, dry place.
※ Adjustment of light at the time of shooting · Depending on your PC screen environment etc.,
There is a thing that the image and the actual color are somewhat different.


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