Handmade Japanese paper path case <Namidachan>


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  • Using the Japanese paper hungry by local craftsmen, it has to pass the case subjected to water processing to those drawn in cloth for acrylic paint.
    Back is leather. We sewed with a sewing machine. (It rubbed next to some stitch)

    Size (mm)
    About 95 × 68

    ※ offers private cosmetic box for gifts.

    - About Japanese paper -
    ◎ wet even okay!
    There is no fact that also tends to tear wet Because it is a water-resistant processing. Please use the dry well when wet, such as in the rain. (Please be protected by waterproof spray, etc. However, since there is a case to leather will stain when wet)
    ◎ is hard to tear material
    It may be afraid of broken to hear the paper, but the intensity is about the same as the cloth or the like. If you use normally it is not easily broken thing.
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    新加坡US$ 5.71US$ 0.28
    英国US$ 6.43US$ 0.28
    马来西亚US$ 5.71US$ 0.28
    中国大陆US$ 5.71US$ 0.28
    泰国US$ 5.71US$ 0.28
    日本US$ 3.26US$ 0.00
    台湾US$ 5.71US$ 0.00
    德国US$ 6.43US$ 0.28
    香港US$ 5.71US$ 0.00
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 6.43US$ 0.28
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Handmade Japanese paper path case <Namidachan>

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