Linen knit leggings (red) one size fits all

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Linen knit leggings (red) one size fits all


Leggings of linen knit (knitting). Material and say linen but is spring and summer image in Japan, which is also routinely used autumn and winter in Europe. Since it is a layer of air in the macaroni-like structure, if not thin fabrics for the spring and summer, in fact, is your able material choosing a season. This leggings is to use a somewhat thick thread - the middle, you have carefully braided in unusual linen knit technology. Although wore to last year's winter, there is also a warmth, was a big success in the cozy fitting on the structure. In thickness and knit structure of the yarn, it has enough of the function of heat insulation of as leggings. And yet, linen itself is water-absorbent, high in quick-drying both, is also glad Features of designed to be used without stuffiness. As well as linen knit socks, Wearing not overtighten of linen knit structure will brush without stress. Touch is also smooth, wool and is a pleasant comfort that unlike the poor linen quality. Size is one-size-fits-all. Hem is freely adjustment of the thing at length to fold, you can use to suit a variety of styles. On the material and structure, contains the nylon, but uses a very thin thread, as much as possible to hit the skin, it has been made in such a way that linen. Originally, Yamagata Prefecture Kenrando company that has continued long the production of knitwear collection brand around the wool, was completed by repeated research technology. Of linen weave, but there are a lot to handle Pint! But from conventional, linen knit is rarely seen. New, in a rare technology, I think that it is not hard to find even looking for. The linen knit is made by a very high technology in the world. Not please certainly once trial. 【size】 One-size-fits-all Actual size: M ~ L size: waist 30cm, 72cm inseam (Hem because of rib design, can be adjusted in length by folding) Since I have woven one by one, there may be a little length, etc. on the product is different. 【Color】 Red (all 5 colors) Material 85% hemp nylon 15% 【Washing】 - Laundry net on the use, please use the washing machine. Hand washing is also possible, but the site by easily out variations in how it will be applied in the force for manual, we recommend washing machine wash with laundry net. Every time the knitted fabric to the wash, you come out softness little by little. [Manufacturing] Kenrando made in Japan


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