Batik apron one piece / purple

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Batik apron one piece / purple


Here is the clothes of Indonesian cotton.
In Bali, I make clothing for adult women enjoying my life, comfortable clothes snuggly on my daily basis as a concept.

It was a traditional pattern like Indonesia, tailored to an easy-to-wear apron one piece.

You can adjust the string by crossing it with your back and tying at the front collarbone.
Atmosphere that elegance strings are easy.

The waist is a design with plenty of gathers in the back style, silhouette is very cute. You can also adjust the decoration string on the front part as you like. As for the waist size, there are two buttons behind, it is possible to wear it by yourself to fit your size.

The length of the skirt is 90 cm.
I think that about 10 cm on the floor is a cute balance that is easy to move.
Together with boots and high sandals, when wearing on the long line of the floor, the impression of the pattern, the vertical line is emphasized, you can wear it refreshed.

The picture is 150 cm tall. Please see for your reference.

Material cotton 100 (Indonesian cotton)
Material feeling A little thin soft cotton. I recommend layered.
Seasonal feeling It is a little thin, but because it is a dark shade, I think you can wear it all the year round.
As winter has plenty of waist circumference, it is okay to wear knit etc inside.

As an apron, wearing daily at home is also recommended.
Pockets on both sides.

If you want to shorten the length of the skirt, we can accept your request.
Because cloth width is full, it can not be made longer.
I think that you can adjust some length with shoulder straps.

I am producing with a basic height of 160 cm.

The color is three colors.
It will be green, blue and purple.

【Care about maintenance】
It is thought that the color falls at the first washing.
Before using, please wash your hands once or massage.

【About product image】
Although it is trying to be able to see with the color as close as possible to the real color as much as possible, but regarding the color of batik, because faithful expression is difficult, there are cases where the color may be slightly different from the actual color. We appreciate your understanding.

【About Indonesia Cotton】
Depending on the lot, colors may differ slightly or it may contain some weave scratches. I work while checking with the eyes.
In Indonesia, it circulates normally as a cloth of living, and it is familiar, but as you understand, please proceed to purchase as much as possible.
If you would like a cloth sample, you can send it with the item and bundled, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
(Sending only samples is not accepted because the shipping fee is high.Please thank you very much)

It will be delivered from Bali.
It takes about two weeks from shipping to delivery from 10 days.


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