Brilliant Snow Earrings


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    Vintage Swarovski snowflake shape beauty
  • It is a simple earring which lowered the snowflake motif of Swarovski company.
    Because the snowflake motif itself is a very beautiful shape, we eliminated extra design as much as possible.

    The shape is different from the snowflake motif that is widely available. . .
    It is of a type that is currently being discontinued, namely "Vintage Swarovski".
    The choice this time is that the center of the surface is flat and the bulge and pointed side of the back is larger than the recent one.
    As seen from the side, like a cut of jewels, there is a table face, shaped like a crown, pavilion.

    Because of this shape, I feel like there is a depth in the way of shining than the recent one ^ ^
    Personally I like it very much ♪

    After the cut name of famous gemstones I gave the name "Brilliant" ^ ^

    As far as you can see in the picture, it may look quite plain, but you should be able to understand the goodness when you actually get it.

    Because it is crystal glass, it will shine in rainbow color ^ ^
    If you get sunny on a sunny day, a small rainbow will fall. . . ♪
    Not only those who arrived but people around me seems to be happy feeling ^ ^

    Due to the convenience of using vintage Swarovski, inventory replenishment can not be done if sold out, or it may take a very long time. Those who are worried are to come as soon as possible. . .

    I attach a rubber cushion to the part hit behind the earlobe.
    White rubber is reflected in the photograph, but it has been changed to a transparent one.

    We also have pierced earrings of the same design.
    We are introducing you on this page so please have a look ^ ^

    ◇ ◇ ◇

    Please handle carefully for delicate works.

    Since it is producing by one point one by one, the arrangement and shape of the parts are somewhat different.

    Because you are using old materials, small scratches, chips, etc. may be seen.
    Please understand as the appeal of the material passed over time.

    Due to the old-style Swarovski crystals, roughness may be seen in the precision of cut compared to the current one.
    Please understand as a property of vintage Swarovski.

    Material: glass, metal
    Size Vertical about 2.6 cm × side approximately 1.7 cm (motif part)
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Brilliant Snow Earrings

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