[Kids size] Onigiri T-shirt Various rice balls ver.

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棉.麻 童装上衣 白色 - [Kids size] Onigiri T-shirt Various rice balls ver.


Many rice balls, rice ball T-shirts 🍙 Which rice ball do you like? Please take rice balls to various places ♪ Both adults and children can enjoy wearing it ♪ 【Print】 Inkjet [T-shirt cloth] 5.6Oz 17/1 100% cotton * Heather gray: 80% cotton 20% polyester, ash: 95% cotton 5% polyester We print on the popular PrintStar with a wide variety of sizes and colors, moderately thick fabrics, and simple and easy-to-use silhouettes. (Please note that there may be different manufacturers of the same material depending on stock status.) ! ! 【important】! ! Please enter the size and T-shirt color as options. If the size is not included in the options, please enter it in the remarks. If it is 100-160, WM-WL, S-XXXL. Please also check the precautions when purchasing. Some items in stock can be delivered as soon as possible, so please feel free to contact us! If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we may not be able to meet all requirements. 【size】 100 ~ 160 Click here for adult size https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/p4JdbYCT 100 Length (cm) 40 Width (cm) 31 Shoulder width (cm) 27 Sleeve length (cm) 12 110 Length (cm) 44 Width (cm) 33 Shoulder width (cm) 29 Sleeve length (cm) 13 120 Length (cm) 48 Width (cm) 35 Shoulder width (cm) 31 Sleeve length (cm) 14 130 Length (cm) 52 Width (cm) 37 Shoulder width (cm) 33 Sleeve length (cm) 15 140 Length (cm) 56 Width (cm) 40 Shoulder width (cm) 35 Sleeve length (cm) 16 150 Length (cm) 60 Width (cm) 43 Shoulder width (cm) 38 Sleeve length (cm) 17 160 Length (cm) 63 Width (cm) 46 Shoulder width (cm) 41 Sleeve length (cm) 18 WM Length (cm) 61 Width (cm) 43 Shoulder width (cm) 36 Sleeve length (cm) 16 WL Length (cm) 64 Width (cm) 46 Shoulder width (cm) 38 Sleeve length (cm) 17 S Length (cm) 66 Width (cm) 49 Shoulder width (cm) 44 Sleeve length (cm) 19 M Length (cm) 70 Width (cm) 52 Shoulder width (cm) 47 Sleeve length (cm) 20 L Length (cm) 74 Width (cm) 55 Shoulder width (cm) 50 Sleeve length (cm) 22 XL Length (cm) 78 Width (cm) 58 Shoulder width (cm) 53 Sleeve length (cm) 24 XXL Length (cm) 82 Width (cm) 61 Shoulder width (cm) 56 Sleeve length (cm) 26 XXXL Length (cm) 84 Width (cm) 64 Shoulder width (cm) 59 Sleeve length (cm) 26 [T-shirt color] Please select from the options. Free T-shirt color change: white, black, hot pink * If the desired color is not available as an option, please contact us by message. We may be able to support you. [Back print] If you would like a back print, please order from the [Back print] product separately. * Since there are only a limited number of option fields, we apologize for the inconvenience! ! ・ I love rice balls: Under preparation ・ Rice ball life! :in preparation ・ Dosukoi: Under preparation ・ Tempus: Under preparation ・ Rice ball as it is: under preparation ・ Onigiri love: Under preparation ・ DOSUKOI: Under preparation ・ Eating rice ball: under preparation 【stock】 * The stock status may be different from that of another store, so be sure to contact us with a message! size: 130 Body: White size: S body: hot pink size: S Body: White size: M body: hot pink size: L body: white ---important--- Please note that non-stock T-shirts are made to order twice a month. Please note that it will take up to 1 month to ship, depending on the date you place your order. It will be arranged around the 1st and 15th of every month. * It may change depending on printing conditions. * The Obon and New Year holidays are subject to change. (Example) May 01 order → Arranged on May 01 (shipped about 16 days later: shipped May 16) May 05 order → Arranged on May 15 (shipped about 16 days later: shipped May 31) Ordered on May 15th → Arranged on May 15th (shipped about 16 days later: shipped on May 31st) Ordered on May 25th → Arranged on June 1st (Approximately 16 days later shipment: June 16th shipment) ▲ Please note that we cannot compensate for loss or damage during shipment. △ There is no tracking or compensation for non-standard size mail delivery. ▲ The colors in the photo may differ from the actual product. △ If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask a question before ordering. ▲ Be sure to check the text for cautions.


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Many rice balls, rice ball T-shirts 🍙 Which rice ball do you like? Take the rice ball T-shirt to various places ♪


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