Italian leather corocoro wallet fave L Arancia

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I tried making a popular wallet "fave" wallet with the finest Italian leather. You can enter without breaking


Italian leather corocoro wallet fave L Arancia


* I tried to make a long wallet with the popular korokoro wallet "fave" using the finest Italian leather. You can enter without breaking bills.
It is also recommended for bag in bags and pouches while traveling.

□ Material: tannin tanned adult cow cow leather (finest Italian leather)
□ Size: T90 × W215 × D45 mm (Please allow some errors)
□ Leather: It is moist and hand-familiar leather, tasty shrink (shabby feel).
□ Color: Arancia (Orange color like citrus peel. Gloss is born due to aging or friction, it turns into deep color)

【Things that you would like people to know with this leather goods】
Even if you say "genuine leather" bitefully, do you know that there are things that can taste aging or not?

Genuine leather can be roughly divided into two types. "Chrome tanned leather" and "Plant tannin tanned leather (Nume leather)".
Currently, the leather which is on the market is mainstream leather tented using "chrome tanning leather" chemical ingredients.
Chrome tanned leather has the advantage that the surface is finished uniformly, flexible, and resistant to heat. The cost is also cheap because it can be finished in large quantities in a short time.
On the other hand, chrome tanned leather is hard to come out with "aging", while aging scratches and dirt are seen as deterioration as it is.
In other words, when finished it is the most beautiful leather.

On the other hand, "vegetable tanned leather" is called "leather nume".
Nume leather tanning is an ancient manufacturing method using the astringent of plants. Because it leaves a texture of the raw skin, it is easy to be affected by innate scars and blood traces, and the texture varies depending on the part.
Because it takes a long time for tanning, the cost is high and it is difficult to say that it is a stable material, but it is leather that can enjoy the "aging change" such as the change of gloss by the use and the deepening of color depth.

"Nume leather" is not perfect when you get it, it is a material that increases attachment over time.

If you have genuine leather, KALEIDOSCOPE recommends leather Nume.

【The leather used in this work is the finest Italian shoulder which is manufactured by the consulter · La Bretagna company in Tuscany, Italy】
Craftsmen are staining one by one manually with a sense of color unique to Italy, which has benefited from Tuscan climate climate and the water quality of the Arno River.

Characterized by natural color unevenness and natural grain finish finished with only 100% dye, it is expressive texture.
As you use it will be polished with friction, it will aging moistly deeply and beautifully.

[Brackets are made of brass all]
Like leather, taste comes out enough to wear.
As you start to use, because leather is tight, you may find it hard to close the bracket, but it will become familiar as you use it.
Since the spring hook also wears out, if you make it easier to close it from the beginning, we will make this kind of adjustment because there is a risk that the hook will become loose in a short time.

※ When you use it as a wallet, the shape of the leather is not stable at the beginning of use, the coin may fall, but it will be difficult to fall if you get used to it and get used to it.
Because it is not a thing to close tightly like a fastener like a design, please shake it strongly, please avoid putting it in a bag vertically.

"important point"
* Because of the nature of the leather Nume leather, there are cases where spots and discoloration due to water wetness etc can be made. Please be careful when using it in rainy weather.
* Shooting faithfully with the texture of the actual item, color adjustment is done as much as possible, but there are cases where color error with the real thing comes out in the PC environment etc. please note that.
* Genuine leather has a few ways of spatula's attendance depending on the part and so forth, inherent worm markings, blood streaks etc. Please understand as a different proof of genuine leather one by one. Also, please refrain from purchasing if you are interested.
* Because of the nature of the product, please understand that we can not accept complaints / returns other than initial malfunction.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan handmade (imported Italian fine leather into Japan, designed and produced by Japanese craftsmen)


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