Italian leather Korokoro long wallet fave L Aranchia

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Italian leather Korokoro long wallet fave L Aranchia


*I made the popular "fave" wallet into a long wallet using the finest Italian leather. You can also insert bills without breaking them. Also recommended for bag-in-bags and pouches during travel. □Material: Tannin tanned adult cow leather (highest grade Italian leather) □Size: T90×W215×D45 mm (Please allow some errors) □Leather: The leather is soft and comfortable to the touch, and has a nice shrink (texture). □ Color: Arancia (orange color like citrus peel. It changes into a deep shade due to aging and friction) [What we love for genuine leather products] Do you know that even if you say "genuine leather" in a word, there are some things that you can enjoy aging and others that you do not. There are two types of genuine leather. They are "chrome tanned leather" and "vegetable tannin tanned leather". Currently, the leather circulated in the market is mainly tanned using the chemical composition of "chrome tanned leather". Chrome tanned leather has the advantages that the surface is finished uniformly, it is flexible, and it is resistant to heat. The cost is low because a large amount can be finished in a short time. In spite of these advantages, chrome tanned leather is unlikely to show "aging", and scratches and stains over the years are visible as deterioration. In other words, the most beautiful leather when finished. On the other hand, "vegetable tannin tanned leather" is called "nume leather". Nume leather tanning is an ancient process that uses plant astringency. Because it retains the texture of the raw hide, it is liable to be affected by natural scratches and blood streaks, and the texture varies depending on the part. It is difficult to say that it is a stable material because it takes a long time to tan and it is hard to say that it is a stable material, but it is a leather that you can enjoy "aging" such as the change in gloss and the depth of color increasing with time. "Nume leather" is not perfect when you pick it up, but it is a material that will become more attached to you over a long period of time. If you have genuine leather, KALEIDOSCOPE recommends Nume leather. [The leather used in this work is the finest Italian shoulder made by Konzeria La Bretagna in Tuscany, Italy] Craftsmen manually dye each piece of high-quality leather, which has benefited from the climate climate suitable for tanning in Tuscany and the water quality of the Arno River, in a color sense unique to Italy. Featuring natural color unevenness and natural grain that are finished only with 100% dye, it has a rich texture. As it is used, it is rubbed and aged to create a moist, deep and beautiful luster. [All metal fittings are made of brass] Like leather, the more you use it, the more it tastes. Due to the tightness of the leather at the beginning of use, the metal fittings may feel hard and difficult to close, but they will become familiar as you use them. The spring hook also wears, so if you make it easier to close it from the beginning, the hook may loosen in a short period of time. * When used as a wallet, the shape of the leather will not be stable at the beginning of use, so coins may drop, but if you use it for a while and the shape becomes familiar, it will be hard to drop. Since it is not designed to close securely like a zipper, avoid shaking it strongly or putting it in a vertical bag. "important point" *Due to the characteristics of the leather material, stains and discoloration may occur due to water exposure. Please be careful when using it in the rain. *We shoot and color-adjust as faithfully as possible to the texture of the actual product, but there may be some differences in color from the actual product due to factors such as the computer environment. please note that. * Genuine leather has some differences in the appearance of grain due to parts etc., natural worm-eaten marks, blood lines etc. Please understand as a proof of genuine leather that differs from one point to another. If you are interested, please refrain from purchasing. *Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept complaints or returns other than initial failures. Origin/Production method Origin: Japan handmade (imported Italian fine leather to Japan, designed and manufactured by Japanese craftsmen)


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I made a popular wallet "fave" into a long wallet using the finest Italian leather. You can also insert bills without breaking them. Also recommended for bag-in-bags and pouches during travel.


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