Colorful tourmaline choker necklace October birthstone flower type

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Colorful tourmaline choker necklace October birthstone flower type


~~~ ❄ +300 yen for wrapping ♪ ~~~ ❄ It is easier to put on than ordinary ones because it is made of soft material and uses Tegs, which has excellent strength and durability. ❄ Small button-cut tourmaline is used to bring out the delicacy of women, and it is also recommended for stacking! ❄ It is not possible to specify the color of the decoration on the adjuster part ~ Metal fitting part material: 14kgf Charm: 925 silver gold plated, zirconia approx. 6 mm (We are particular about using high quality silver material instead of cheap brass, even invisible) stone: Tourmaline: Approximately 2.5 to 2.8 mm (color arrangement, darkness, etc. are not always as shown in the image) Overall size: Approximately 30 cm + 6.5 cm Adjuster (decoration is 1.5 cm) * We try to shoot in colors that are as close to the actual product as possible, but it is a characteristic of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the condition of the light. ************ Tourmaline (electric stone) The power of stones: ▲ Emit negative ions to improve health ▲ Increase concentration and sensitivity ▲ Strengthen bonds and sprout new friendships Effect, efficacy "Tourmaline" that brings health with negative ion power It is said that both ends of tourmaline are positively and negatively charged and rub against each other to generate negative ions. This negative ion is said to have the effect of purifying water and air and relieving mental and physical stress and irritation. It will purify the mind and body, harmonize with the mind, stabilize it, and protect the owner from stress. It also has the power to improve concentration and comprehension. Tourmaline is currently divided into 5 categories and 13 types, and each has different power depending on its color and properties. Pink tourmaline is said to have the power to nurture the love of lovers. As for other colors, red is the power to improve concentration and personality. Blue is the power to enrich the mind and nurture the spirit of love and mercy. Brown is the power to facilitate relationships and raise awareness of purpose. Green is the power to heal a tired mind, increase positivity, and bring good luck and wealth. Black is the power to dispel negative emotions and increase vitality. Colorless is more powerful when used with colored tourmaline. In addition, it is said that the greater the number of colors, the stronger the power of a crystal that has multiple colors. Pink is selected as the birthstone, but it is a doctor who is not bound by it and is worth changing the color depending on the mood. Common to all types of tourmaline, it has the effect of preventing electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the body, so it is a gemstone recommended for those who frequently use mobile phones and personal computers. ○ Foster a compassionate heart ○ Energy converter ○ Purification and purification of mind, body and environmental energy ○ Give vitality and courage to the mind ○ Energy activation ○ Do not get involved in environmental energy or emotions of others It works well on the endocrine system, activates the body, and is said to have the effect of improving throat disorders.


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❄ Sold separately, this is an original work. ❄ Choker-style tourmaline necklace, as you can see in the image, although it is a small stone, it is cut very nicely, there are few inclusions, and it glitters when exposed to light.


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