Colorful Tourmaline Choker Necklace October Birthstone Flower Type

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Colorful Tourmaline Choker Necklace October Birthstone Flower Type


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ ************ 販売 It is original work, sold separately. ❄ Choker style tourmaline necklace, it can be understood with images, but even though it is a small stone, it has been cut very beautifully, there are few inclusions, sparkling glittering ~ ~ Please try it ❄ Strong & durable excellent Tegus use, because of soft material, it is easier to attach than ordinary ones. 使用 In order to draw out the delicacy of a woman, use a small grain button cut tourmaline, also recommended for superimposition! 色 The color designation of the decoration of the adjuster part is impossible ~ Hardware part material: 14 kgf Charm: 925 silver gold plating, zirconia about 6 mm (It is not cheap brass but uses high quality silver material, sticking to invisible places) stone: Tourmaline: Approximately 2.5 ~ 2.8 mm (color placement, darkness etc. are not necessarily necessarily on the image) Overall size: about 30 cm + 6.5 cm adjuster (decoration is 1.5 cm) * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ Tourmaline (electric stone) Stone's power: ▲ Promote health improvement by emitting negative ions ▲ Increase concentration and sensitivity ▲ Strengthen ties and bring new friendships Effect "Electric stone" which brings about health with negative ion power It is said that both ends of tourmaline are charged with plus and minus and generate minus ions by friction. It is said that this negative ion has an effect to purify water and air and to relieve physical and mental stress and irritation. It cleanses the mind and body, harmonizes with the spirit, stabilizes it, and protects the owner from stress. I also have the power to enhance my concentration and understanding. Tourmaline is currently divided into 13 categories of 5 categories, and its power and power are different depending on its color and nature. It is said that pink tourmaline has the ability to nurture the love of lovers. For other colors, red is the ability to increase concentration and extend individuality. Blue is the power to foster the heart of love and compassion, enriching the heart. Brown is a power to enhance human consciousness by smoothing human relations. Green heals the tired heart, enhances aggressiveness and calls fortune and wealth. Black is a power to raise the life force by dispelling negative emotions. Colorless is used with a colored tourmaline, it increases its power ... and so on. Also, it is said that power with more colors with more than one color in one crystal is stronger as the number of colors increases. It is pink that is chosen as a birthstone, but it is a doctor worth enjoying changing color by mood without being caught by it. It has the effect of preventing electromagnetic waves harmful to the body in common with any kind of tourmaline, so it is a recommended power stone for those who frequently use mobile phones and personal computers. ○ Develop a heart of consideration ○ Energy Converter ○ Purification and purification of mind and body and environmental energy ○ Giving vitality and courage to your heart ○ Energy activation ○ Not involved in environmental energy or other people's emotions It is said to work well with the endocrine system, to activate the body, to improve the throat discomfort.


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