triangle Barefoot sandals (unisex)


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    They are handmade one by one, and the woodgrain pattern is also various. It is only one accessory for you in the world.
  • It is a type of anklet, barefoot sandal, to be applied to the toes of the feet (fingers next to the thumb). The motif is Akita's cedar.
    Beaten and also pumps can be matched. It is a cute accessory even when you get barefoot on a sandy beach. The tree is painted with water resistant oil so it is strong.

    Adjustment is possible by moving the motif.
    Pass the wheel through the ankle, fit the motif of the heel of the back, hook it on your fingers, pull up the motif of the instep toward the ankle and wear it. To remove it, reverse the procedure.
    I am using a black natural strap 1.5 mm thick.

    Since it corresponds to foot size 28 cm, it can be used for unisex. ※ The upper one may be up to 27 cm. If the size does not match, you can change the string so please tell us.
    The model is 24 cm.
    (If the part of the back cord seems to be long, please cut it and tie it and use it.)

    Because we are handmade one by one, due to the material called wood, thank you for understanding that the grain and shape of the image are not exactly the same. Only one in the world will be your only accessory (^ ^)
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triangle Barefoot sandals (unisex)

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