Garnet red stud earrings 4 mm January birthstone

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Garnet red stud earrings 4 mm January birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 250 yen can be wrapped ♪ ~ ~ ~ ************ It is sparkling, deep and beautiful red one-piece garnet stud earrings ~ There are several red stones, but the deep garnet red is very attractive ~ Purchase of baby size 3 mm from below · Material -925 Silver (It is a special order item of RALULU.SHU, it is recommended because it ranks differently from ordinary ones) Change metal fittings to 14 KGF at +300 yen - Since you can not modify the amount after ordering, please select from the delivery method column! - (Facet cut from Mozambique) Gem quality Garnet: Approx 4 mm · Size - Approximately 13 mm in length, post portion about 9 mm ★ It is a characteristic that garnet looks different in color, depending on light. * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ Garnet: "symbol of fruit" bringing unchanging love and deep bonds It is said to have the power to activate blood circulation and make it beautiful. Garnet is a stone with the power to activate both the physical and mental energy. It raises a positive feeling towards living and changes negative feelings such as fear and anxiety into bright energy. It is a stone that connects current hardships to results, so it is also recommended as an amulet for career determination and important projects. It is a stone that increases vitality and is a very good talisman for birthing relationships. This stone has been used as an amulet for a long time since it has the power to protect the owner from negative energy. It is said that it brings positive change, as winter changes to spring, because it increases the feelings of love and generous heart. Garnet, which is well known as the birthstone of January, is said to be a "symbol of fruit", going to the goal, fruiting the results of the efforts accumulated as a success, it is said to lead to success. Moreover, the effect of this "fruit" also helps the fulfillment of love. In old traditions, there seems to be sometimes expressed as deep "bonds" such as giving garnet as an oath of reunion as parting with important people, being marked as a sign of friendship. Therefore, it can be said to be a power stone symbolizing "everlasting love" deepening affection with important people. Those wishing for unchanging love with important people are said to be good if you learn as accessories. ************ RALULU.SHU natural stone power stone gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF gold filled accessories jewelry jewelry stone America earrings earrings chain piercing handmade earrings nonhole piercing gift new work ************


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