Watercolor touch floral pattern gauze style fluffy 8 double gauze type Thin 6 double gauze type floral pattern orange yellow cream

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Please use it by all means because it is cute



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Watercolor touch floral pattern gauze style fluffy 8 double gauze type Thin 6 double gauze type floral pattern orange yellow cream


Thank you for visiting Carine. For a baby whose skin is delicate Combine cute W gauze with fine Japanese gauze I made a soft gauze style. It is kind to your skin and it is also very absorbent. ● new 6 double gauze type → 4 double gauze on the back side is using Kinari's no formalin fabric. It is thinner than fluffy type. As we put a stitch (edge sewing machine) on the edge, we made it hard to lose shape. ● The fluffy type → The lining is a more fluffy touch with a dot pattern. To be able to cope with various body types and ages of baby I attached two snap buttons for adjustment. The snap button is made of plastic so there is no concern about metal allergy. Also, it is a surface fastener (magic tape) I will pull it off myself When I take it off, the sleeping baby wakes up with a buzz, etc Garbage attached to the trash at the time of the laundry ... I formed the voice of moms that. 100% cotton, made in Japan size free Neck around about 28 ~ 30 cm, adjustable (Please allow some errors) Please have a petite gift too! If it is simple wrapping, it will be received free of charge → Please let me know in the remarks column. In the case of direct gift delivery, please fill in the shipping name, postal code, address, and phone number of the recipient. ※ Design and color of the tag may be changed. Please acknowledge it. ※ Please note that the appearance of the pattern differs one by one. Please refrain from the return of customer convenience. Please purchase only if you understand the characteristics of handmade. ● There are some errors for handmade products. I also think that there are points that do not lead to distortion or bending, etc. Please forgive me for the warmth of handmade that is not in ready-made products. ● black crush may be seen in the Kinari fabric. This is derived from cotton, a raw material called "cotton waste", and it is not rubbish or harmful things attached in the manufacturing process. ● We run out of stock depending on the timing of inventory management because we sell in parallel with other sites. In that case, please be aware that it will be made to order or be a substitute. If you are worried please contact us with a message. ● The color may look different depending on the monitor or display you use. Please acknowledge it. Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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