Sheet straw STROLL_Ayako Motonaga_SKY

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Sheet straw STROLL_Ayako Motonaga_SKY

商品介绍 *Introducing the ArtCollection series where you can enjoy the design of the sheet straw STROLL* One of the characteristics of the straw is that it can print on the entire surface, which is not possible with ordinary straws. A bold design when unfolded, and a design that changes its expression depending on how it is wrapped. You will become more attached to it, and you will surely want to continue using it for a long time. The "ArtCollection Series" was created in collaboration with three artists. Please find your favorite design. *What is STROLL?* *Eco-friendly sheet straw that can be washed repeatedly* Stroll 01 is a sheet straw that you can make yourself by rolling a single sheet. You can roll it up to your desired thickness, fix it with a belt, and enjoy your drink slowly. It's a slightly different shape, but it's an eco-straw with a different concept than before, combining the basic function of drinking deliciously with consideration for the environment and the fun of making it. *The world that spreads out from a single straw* This is not an easy and convenient tool. You just want to have a drink, but it takes time, effort, and a little trick. I honestly think that there are few people who can make it immediately after getting it for the first time. However, just like chopsticks, if you learn a little skill, you will be able to use them, and a new world will undoubtedly open up to you. *Ideas born from independent research* The impetus for development was a free research that my daughter, who was in the third grade at the time, worked on during the summer vacation of 2019. Together with my daughter, I researched the history of straws and various materials, examined the advantages and problems of existing straws, and devised and announced a sheet straw that could be washed repeatedly. Isn't it possible to obtain a patent?", and then the free research of adults began. *We thought out the shape.* We thought out how to make the sheet into a straw. Stroll 01 allows you to make a straight cylindrical straw from one sheet with just your hands without using a stand. In addition, the structure allows the sheet to be spirally wound at the optimum angle, so if it is wound properly, the liquid will not leak. In addition, it can be used smartly by fixing the wrapped straw in one place where it does not get soaked in the mouth or the drink, without using special fixing devices or tape. "Patent No. 6967718" *Four features of STROLL* *1 | Straw thickness can be changed* Stroll 01 allows you to adjust the thickness without changing the length of the straw. The thickness of the straw will affect the taste of the drink. Please enjoy it with your favorite thickness. *2 | That comfort and durability* The tasteless, odorless, light, durable, and supple feel of the material, which is unique to plastic, makes it possible to enjoy a delicious drink for a long time. In addition, no matter how you wrap it, the mouth will not be sharp, so it is safe and will not hurt your mouth. *3 | You can choose the color.* A total of 12 types are available, including 4 basic colors and 8 art collection series. Stroll 01 is safe because the printed part is laminated and the cross section of the film is not printed, so the ink components do not bleed into the liquid even if it is used for a long time. *4 | Simple Case Included (Assembled)* Cut out the backing along the perforations and assemble to complete the simple case. Surface waterproof. When you put it in the case, you can store it short by removing the belt of the straw and putting it in while loosening it. *How to wind the STROLL*


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Art collection series of sheet straw STROLL. Designed by Japanese contemporary artist Ayako Motonaga.


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