Prenite and peridot and white topaz pendant top


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    An elegant pendant top combining plainite, peridot and white topaz.
  • An elegant pendant top combining plainite, peridot and white topaz.

    Translucent plainite from pale green to yellow. It is called grape stone in Japan with moist texture.
    Even just looking at the pale color that can not be said anything makes my heart calm.

    It is as adorable power stone that it seems like it seems like I peeled in the mouth with spirit like grape skins.
    As you can imagine from the color, this plenite is said to be a crystal with a gentle character, famous as an unconditional love stone.

    Plainite seems to be a stone that plays a role of keeping balance between reason and emotion of angry people and those who accumulate something more than necessary. In addition, it is also recommended for people who are always tired of power stones.

    When you say a little tired, you quietly heal you softly ... It is such a stone.
    I carefully selected things like fruits of grapes that this time as well.

    And Peridot is said to have the effect of raising positive power by eliminating the negative power than the healing effect even among the green series of crystals.
    There is a presence that the cut shines sparkling beautifully.

    White topaz is believed to have the power to cleanse the mind.
    It is said that you can purify your mind, organize your thoughts, and start a new start.
    It is a recommended power stone for those who are busy and who are feeling tired of human relations.

    The glow of green and white is a very beautiful pendant top.

    Size of plenite Vertical Approximately 1.4 cm Width of about 1.0 cm
    Size of Peridot Length about 0.5 cm Width about 0.5 cm
    Size of White Topaz About 0.6 cm in length Vertical width of about 0.6 cm

    【Precautions for purchase】
    ※ This item is not included in the chain.
    It is sold only for the pendant top.

    Although the stone being used is natural it may have some scratches
    Please acknowledge this point The real thing and a slight impression by the reflection of light etc.
    Please note that we may change things beforehand.
    Also, depending on the performance of the monitor you are using,
    The color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one.
    Production area / production method
    Bali Handmade Origin
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Prenite and peridot and white topaz pendant top

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