TJ Riki Bag 【fine leather soft shrink leather white】 / TTB009W /


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  • It is a handbag made from leather with a standard ritual bag in Japanese style.

    There are open pockets in the front and back, convenient bag that you can take out quickly without opening the fastener.

    Inner pocket is placed in the center, so small items like smartphone can be stored conveniently.

    A design that is as simple as nothing more than scratching the design is well suited to the scene to wear kimonos.

    It is perfect for people who want to use quality items everyday.

    Material Leather (soft shrink)
    Interior polyester

    About 16 cm in length
    Width of about 32 cm
    About 12 cm gusset
    Inner pocket × 2
    Inner zip pocket × 1
    Attached tassel

    * The used cowhide leather soft shrink uses book shrink, not fake embossing. It is durable, soft and beautiful material.
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    美国US$ 21.29US$ 33.37
    加拿大US$ 21.29US$ 33.37
    意大利US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    法国US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    挪威US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    澳大利亚US$ 21.29US$ 33.37
    新加坡US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    中国大陆US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    比利时US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    泰国US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    德国US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    香港US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    台湾US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    西班牙US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    荷兰US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    菲律宾US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    瑞典US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    越南US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    瑞士US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    新西兰US$ 21.29US$ 33.37
    俄罗斯US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    澳门US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    葡萄牙US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    阿拉伯联合酋长国US$ 21.29US$ 33.37
    印度US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    英国US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    马来西亚US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
    希腊US$ 23.45US$ 36.98
    日本US$ 10.83US$ 15.16
    南韩US$ 15.16US$ 24.35
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TJ Riki Bag 【fine leather soft shrink leather white】 / TTB009W /

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