Sugilite and amethyst necklace

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Combining transparent sense amethyst and Sugilite, plenty of volume presence I designed a pendant top. Hikari glittering



1~3 日
1~3 日
Sugilite and amethyst necklace


【Product Details】 【Sugilite and amethyst's pendant top】 Material: Sugilite, Amethyst, Sterling Silver (Silver 925) 【Sugilite】 Size Vertical Approximately 1.8 cm Width Approximately 1.4 cm Silver stand height about 0.8 cm 【amethyst】 Size about 1 cm in diameter Silver base height about 0.7 cm [Natural stone beads necklace <Amethyst>> Material: Amethyst, Sterling Silver (Silver 925) Size: Length of chain about 42.7 cm [Store owner's comment] Purple beautiful stone, amethyst (purple crystal) and Sugilite necklace. Amethyst cut is glittery and beautiful and very elegant. Combining transparent sense amethyst and Sugilite, plenty of volume presence I designed a pendant top. Hikari glittering at the chest is a beautiful eye-catching beauty. Purple stone is said to be noble and strong healing power. Deeply deep purple color is truly mysterious and it is healed just by watching it. And Sugilite seems to be a popular stone recently. It is famous as a representative "stone of love". Amethyst is a representative of spiritual healing stone. I have found a beautiful Sgilite with bright high purple and dark deep purple at this time I tried to make the ultimate healing accessory together with a compatible amethyst. This is our original product! I think that you will be pleased with gifts for important people. Only one in the world ... I would be happy if you enjoy jewelry made in tropical country. 【Precautions for purchase】 ● We will deliver cracks and inclusions etc as natural because the used stone is natural. Although there may be some cracks etc, please understand this point. ● Because of handmade, there may be some darkening, scratches, etc. Please understand this point. ● Sterling silver (Silver 925) may be discolored. Since it may get wet with summer especially in sweat etc., after wearing Please wipe gently with jewelry cloth etc. Also, when not wearing, such as bags that can come into contact with air that will not touch It is possible to patronize long by keeping it. Please avoid wearing when bathing in a hot spring containing sulfur ingredients. ● When cleaning, please use a silver cloth or cleaning solution. ● Because there are some things that slightly change the impression due to the reflection of light etc. Please note. Also, depending on the performance of the monitor you are using, The color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one. ● The item you ordered will be delivered directly from the local post office in Bali, using your international airmail to your home. It will be delivered in about 1 week to 2 weeks from the shipping date. Even if two weeks passed after receiving shipping completion mail from our shop, if your package does not arrive, please contact our shop. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Production area / production method Bali Handmade Origin



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